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In our increasingly busy lives, one of the first – yet worst – things to suffer can be our amount of shuteye. Add planning a wedding into your demanding schedule, some late nights writing wedding to-do lists before finally crawling into bed for a restless couple of hours mulling over said list, and you might just start to feel the pinch of getting less kip.


For many brides-to-be this picture will be an unrecognizable one, however if you feel that your slumber time is being affected by challenges whether it be planning a wedding, work or general weariness then the sleep experiment is here to help you focus on giving yourself restful nights of slumber.


Sleep deprivation only brings about more difficulties, plus you’ll want to be glowing and refreshed on your wedding day so …


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In Ariana Huffington’s book ‘Thrive’ she talks about a New Year’s resolution that herself and Cindi Leive, editor in chief of Glamour magazine undertook one year.


Believing that getting more Zzzz’s would be a crucial element in increasing their wellbeing Ariana and Cindi took it upon themselves to work out the amount of sleep that they both felt that they needed (seven and a half and eight hours) to be able to say that they’d had a good and full night’s sleep. They then committed to getting this amount of horizontal hours per night for a month.


The results were of course extremely encouraging. As Ariana says in her book, amongst the other amazing results: “By sleeping more we, in fact, become more competent and in control of our lives.”


Of course the research doesn’t start or stop there, scientific studies have for years been proving the positives of enough slumber time, however it is this commitment and pledge that Ariana and Cindi made that is really important. It’s one thing to know that more sleep will do you good, however it’s another to promise yourself that you’ll put it in to practice.


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 The sleep experiment


So this month’s wellbeing project is about conducting the sleep experiment for your self.

Simply decipher the amount of doze time that is perfect for you through trial and error and then dedicate yourself to achieving these forty winks for the next week, or maybe Monday-Thursday every week, or for the next month, whatever suits you best and that you can really commit to, and see how this emphasis on rest and relaxation works wonders for your wellness.


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Here are some top tips to help you ensure that you get your necessary amount of sleepy time:


  • For most of us, every day can be different, so once you know what your optimum amount of sleep is, work out each day what time you will need to go to bed. Work backwards from your bedtime when planning your evening and bind yourself to the deadline.


  • Exercise is beneficial for everything including helping you to sleep easier and more deeply. Even a 15minute walk can make all the difference, so try to do this daily.


  • Make a clearer distinction between night and day with a new pair of proper pyjamas.


  • Construct a chamber of calm: de-clutter your bedroom and keep it tidy, gently heat the room to a lukewarm temperature and if needs be, purchase some blackout blinds or curtains and a crisp cotton duvet and plump pillows.


  • Create your own sleep ritual to relax yourself into bed mode. Enjoy a calming chamomile tea, an evening detox tea or similar every evening before bed or take a warm, soothing bath. Spritz your pillow with lavender essence or other sleep-well sprays.


  • Step away from your electronic devices at least an hour before turning the lights out, opting instead to read a good book.


  • Once you’re tucked up under the sheets, if you find resting your racing mind problematic, listen to guided meditations or meditation music to ease you into the land of nod.



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Images: L’Estelle Photography via You Mean The World To Me


Commit to The Sleep Experiment and try it for yourself! And if you do give it a go, be sure to come back and share your experience in the comments box below.



If you want to read more about the power of a good night’s sleep pick up a copy of Ariana Huffington’s book ‘Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Successand Creating a Happier Life’ or learn more about it in this Ted Talk


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  1. Wow, nice post. But how difficult is not to use my mobile before going to sleep 🙁

  2. What a great topic and so true for brides. It almost becomes addictive, late nights and lists – I am still battling with the habit to this day! x