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02/09/2014 |

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There’s been a real nip in the morning air recently here in the UK. The kind that makes it just that little bit harder to get out of your warm and cozy bed when the alarm goes off and that leaves you a little shivery when you get out of the hot shower.


Although summer is definitely my all-time favourite season (what could be better than sunshine and sandals?), there’s something that excites me about the onset of autumn. The first few weeks of the new season are quite delicious of course; crisp sunny mornings, new boots, a warm jacket to snuggle into, bright leaves that are starting to collect in crisp and crunchy piles, ready to be kicked and stomped through.


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It’s also a time that conjures up the ‘back to school’ feeling that you never seem to grow out of. From the age of 4 until 16 years old (or later if you go on to college and Uni) September has always heralded a new beginning.


In many ways, this time of year feels far more fresh and new to me than New Year does. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence, but I have quite frequently moved house at this time of year and all-bar-one started each of my new jobs around this time of year too! Whatever it is about the feelings of fall, the newness of this time of year makes it as good a time as any to reflect and then to start new things.


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This might be the perfect time to clear out that clutter that has been calling your name for months from behind slammed shut cupboard doors, or putting your old clothes on ebay (the funds of which can go towards your wedding), creating a change of scene at home by turning your hand to a bit of DIY, embarking on a new hobby, making some progress at the gym or deciding to make a real concerted effort with your wedding planning.


So if you’re getting married next year, let the sense of a new season be your drive! Now is the time to get moving, especially before those nights start to draw in and all you want to do after work is get yourself home, put your jimjams on and have a hot cocoa while watching a box set (Homelands is my current personal fave!).


I remember thinking when I was planning my own wedding that once it gets to the New Year my June wedding would fly around and be with me in no time. I was totally right and so from now until Christmas it is the ideal time to get organized and to get as many things ticked off your to-do list that you can. Being ambitious in these coming months will enable you to step away from your planning over Christmas and have a break, really enjoy yourself and go into 2015 feeling positive that your plans are on track.


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If you haven’t already done so, treat yourself to a fine new pen (there is something much nicer about writing with a good pen…or is that just me?), get yourself a lovely large notebook that is only for you to write notes and lists about wedding planning in, pick up a wedding planner book if you want to (they have some really helpful workbooks and timeline planning sections to keep you on track) or take a look through some online wedding workbooks and timelines to get you started.


Work out your own personalized to-do list and then break it down by workable amounts per month from now until your wedding. This exercise alone will give you a sense of achievement and get you focused in the right direction. Once you see the things you need to do in bite size chunks on a monthly basis rather than one long list, your goal will appear accessible and inspire you even more to get going and ticking things off this list.



Are you feeling inspired by the new school season? Are you ready to use this time as an incentive to reach a goal, whether it is relative to planning a wedding or something else entirely?

Share your September objectives in the comments box below, it would be great to know what target(s) everyone is setting for themselves.



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