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Santorini Honeymoon 31


Whether you’re searching for inspiration for your destination wedding locale, on the hunt for honeymoon inspiration or hoping to discover somewhere new for your next holiday, the latest feature on the blog called ‘Travel Diaries’ is the destination for you.


Every month your favourite wedding photographers from around the world will be sharing their globetrotting adventures, along with the amazing places that they uncovered along the way and some helpful hints and tips for when you follow in their footsteps.


The first stop on the Travel Diaries tour was The Unspoilt Algarve in Portugal and today the journey continues across Europe to the stunning island of Santorini in Greece.


Kate and Tom (also known as photography duo Fotky pre Radost) are a blissfully married couple with a great passion for beautiful photographs, a love of travel and a longing to visit wonderful destinations the world over. One of those destinations was Santorini, which they chose for their first holiday together and later also for their honeymoon and today they’re sharing their top travel tips for getting the most out of a visit to this gorgeous Greek island…


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Fotky pre Radost:

“It is difficult to find the right words to describe Santorini. Those of you who have visited before, know what I am talking about and those who still dream about it, have to simply go and see!”


“Santorini is a dream and a love for life, a dream so beautiful that you don’t want to wake from it. It’s a paradise on earth, a wonderland you will always want to return to.”


“Me and my husband Tom went to Santorini on our first-ever holiday together and it completely stole our hearts, so much so that I kept going back there in my dreams and it was only a matter of time until we would really go back! We returned to Santorini a year after our wedding, a little belated second honeymoon.”


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“The first time we went to Santorini we stayed in Oia. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful but also most expensive and busiest town in Santorini. The accommodation is much more expensive than anywhere else, the best rooms are booked fast and with the cheaper ones it’s better to read the reviews to avoid disappointment. If you manage to find accommodation there you’ve won, because all the best that Greece can offer is within your reach. It’s the best place to watch the sun set and to see those three infamous churches with blue painted cupolas that appear on practically everything advertising Greece.”


“To see and experience this town is something no one should miss out on. Since lots of people know this, Santorini gets crowded during the holiday season and the hot summer sun in Greece is not the most ideal for traveling through the heated little streets, therefore definitely choose a date out of the tourist season. The most ideal time to visit is in April or the beginning of May or the end of September or October.”


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“I dare say that an equally good option is to stay in a little town called Imerovigli that looks as if it is made for honeymoons. We chose the apartments in Krokos Villas which are a great option, both for price and quality wise. We had a balcony with a beautiful panoramic view that made our jaws drop the first day and repeatedly every morning we spent our time gazing out with our breakfast that was automatically brought out for you as well.”


“If you have an option to spend a little bit more money for a better view, go for it. To live in a place with such a view made for gods is amazing (even if it is only for few days), it’s something you have to experience!”


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“From Imerovigli we walked every day to a neighbouring town called Firostefani (where you can find many more amazing panoramic views) and all the way up to Fira which offers a wide amount of shopping opportunities, also Oia is only few minutes away by a quad bike.”


“The best option to feel the wind in your hair is to lend a quad bike and do a circuit around Santorini. Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani and Fira are breathtaking towns but sooner or later everyone is drawn to descend from the highness of the mountains down to the sea and journey around the island. Santorini is not a big island, so it’s not a problem to circle it all within one day. However, it’s nice not to rush anywhere and explore it in parts for two or three days.”


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Top tips


  • At least go once on a trip before sunrise or journey the whole island just like that, for the pleasure, for the vacant streets and the wind in your hair. Don’t plan a destination, don’t take a map, instead choose the route on the go, simply depending on how you feel. You’ll love it!


  • Visit all of the beaches and choose the one that’ll remain your own; our favourite was Vlychada beach.


  • Try the best pancakes in Santorini in the Corner Restaurant in Fira – pancakes with chocolate, banana, strawberries and ice cream are the best! Watch out for the opening hours, most of the time they open early morning and close early afternoon.


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Images and words: Fotky pre Radost via You Mean The World To Me 


  • The best option for a fast and cheap lunch or dinner is gyros – we enjoyed it best at Obelix and Lucky’s Souvlakis in Fira. We also loved the frozen yogurt in Chillbox also in Fira.



  • If you enjoy a bit of light hiking you have to go to Skaros Rock, it’s only a stone’s throw away from Imerovigli and it offers the most beautiful views from each direction. Try to keep your head from spinning from all the beauty!


  • Don’t forget to take the winding road up to see what the Ancient Thera looked like – it’s not far from Kamari.



With thanks to Kate and Tom for sharing their exploration of sunny Santorini!



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