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Saturday Shopping Edit – Wear Your Heart On Your Shoes!

14/02/2015 | 0

Getting Married Abroad Blog

Image: July Kay Kelly Photography via Love And Lavender


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Nothing represents love more than the shape of a heart, so why not wear your heart on your shoes for your destination day or the day’s surrounding your wedding with one of these pretty pairs of love heart heels or fluttering heart flats.


A little flash of romantic red footwear from under your wedding dress would create a wow-factor look whilst being a heartfelt way to incorporate the symbol of love into your special day.


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2015 Benjamin Adams Collection From Paradox London

24/11/2014 | 2

2015 Benjamin Adams Collection From Paradox London


When it comes to choosing your wedding shoes you can so easily get swayed by sky-high heels but deep down you know that those little lovelies will be pinching your tootsies before you even reach the chapel.


Well my shoe adoring brides-to-be, no longer do you need to compromise on style or comfort as the UK’s best selling bridal shoe brand Paradox London delivers delightful ranges that tick not only the comfort box, but the quality and style boxes too.


2015 Benjamin Adams Collection From Paradox London

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