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Wedding Theme Inspiration – Chic Chevron Styling

03/04/2014 |

You Mean The World To Me


Bright chevron prints make a wonderfully bold design feature at a wedding and today’s lovely shoot shows how to use snazzy chevron patterns to make a stylish statement.


The cheerful cherry and mint tones would work perfectly against the bright skies of a destination wedding or add lively splashes of colour to a UK day.


Getting Married Abroad

Getting Married Abroad

Getting Married Abroad

Getting Married Abroad

Getting Married Abroad


Lindsay Docherty Photography:

“Everyone looks forward to the cake at a wedding, especially the children. That’s why this darling ring bearer is hanging around! We styled this photo shoot with a luscious dessert table as the highlight. Using chevron, coral, and mint as our theme- we created a delicious dessert table, friendly welcome station, and sparkling beverage center, using gorgeous dahlias, roses, hypericum berries and celosia to create an abundance of blooms in coral tones that made the settings pop.”


Getting Married Abroad

Getting Married Abroad

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The Top 10 Wedding Trends For 2014

04/02/2014 |

Destination Wedding 5

Image: Gypsy Westwood via You Mean The World To Me


Wondering what’s coming up in the world of weddings, looking for new ideas for your wedding, wanting to see what’s on trend and what we will all be seeing more of this year?


From woodland wedding themes to flower crowns and the use of social media, here’s ‘The Top 10 Wedding Trends For 2014’ to inspire you and your big day… 


Destination days


According to a report published in 2013 by LV= travel insurance, one in six married British couples tied the knot abroad in the past five years, which is an increase of almost 20% compared to a decade ago. That’s a whole lot of wanderlust weddings!


Many couples are seeking guaranteed sunshine (or snow), or a more unique wedding experience, others are lured by the temptation of a more cost effective big day, or the appeal of a less complicated and scaled down wedding.


If you’re looking for some inspiration for getting married abroad, take a look at these Destination Guides for the who, what, when, where and how to getting married in locations such as the island of Ibiza, New York City, Morocco or beautiful Bali!



Image: Closer To Love Photography via You Mean The World To Me


Image: PhotoFactory Bali via You Mean The World To Me

View More: http://comfortstudio.pass.us/kara-carlos

Image: Comfort Studio via You Mean The World To Me


Go social


Social media continues to play a key role in weddings. From planning and inspiration via the plentiful supply of pretty pictures on Pinterest, to creating personalised hashtags for guests to tag their Instagram and Twitter posts, social is here to stay for your big day.


Let guests who can’t make it to your nuptials aware of your wedding hashtag, they can then follow updates and share in the joy of the day as it happens.


You Mean The World To Me

Image: Rosie and Cozy via Etsy 


DIY details


DIY done right can add a unique, highly personalised and handmade feel to a wedding. Couples are continuing to add their own personal stamp to their day, so DIY detailing is definitely here to stay!


Getting Married Abroad Blog 3

Getting Married Abroad Blog 6

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Show Your Wedding Seats A Little Love

09/12/2013 |

You Mean The World To Me 2

Bridal Chair Cover £30.71 – Lucky You Lucky Me via Etsy


Gone are the days of having to settle for uncreative chair covers. Show your wedding seats a little love with some fancy fabric flair. Lovely lace, romantic ribbons and big beautiful bows will add decorative details to your reception.


Simply adorn the bride and groom chairs with something special or go all out with the embellishments and beautify all of your guest chairs too.


You Mean The World To Me 5

Image: Sarah Kate via Style Me Pretty

You Mean The World To Me 8

Image: Pictilio via Bridal Guide

You Mean The World To Me 15 You Mean The World To Me

Image left: Elizabeth Messina via Mindy Weiss

Image right: Elisabeth Millay via Snippet And Ink

You Mean The World To Me 10

Image: Brooke Images via Bridal Guide

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All Things Bright And Beautiful – Ribbon Wedding Ideas

19/09/2013 |

You Mean The World To Me 6

Image: W.Scott Chester via Inspired By This

You Mean The World To Me

Who can resist the lure of smooth, shiny, silky ribbons? They add all kinds of pretty to everything they touch – including weddings!

Decorating with ribbon can be a cost effective and simple way to add colour and impact to your big day as well as being light in weight, which makes them ideal to take abroad to beautify a destination wedding venue.


Pretty, whimsical, festival, colourful, cheerful, bright and beautiful – romantic ribbon details work wonders as an awe inspiring ceremony backdrop, to delicately adorn chair backs and table runners, to create a hanging table plan, to add something special to a bouquet or even to be entwined into a bridal up-do.


Don’t forget they are easy to add to wedding stationery, they can be tied neatly around table napkins and wound wonderfully around a wedding cake, or used to hang wedding day pretty in the trees at your venue too.

You Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To Me 18You Mean The World To Me 18A

Images: Robyn Van Dyke via Style Me Pretty

You Mean The World To Me 14

Image: Brandon Kidd via Green Wedding Shoes

You Mean The World To Me 17

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Eat Your Heart Out – Heart Themed Wedding Ideas

13/08/2013 |

You Mean The World To Me 6

Image: Our Labor Of Love via Inspired By This


Nothing represents love better than a heart, so we thought we would bring all you heartbreakers out there some heartfelt ways to incorporate the symbol of love into your special day.

From heart shaped balloons, confetti and decorations, to eat your heart out cakes and tarts, we share our labour of love with you.

Incorporate simple ideas that just say ‘love’ to keep your heart theme stylish, or add playful, sweet heart props for fantastic photo ops.

So, why not wear your heart on your sleeve and let your wedding theme say I ‘heart’ you?!

You Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To Me 9

Image: Wrinkle In Time via Polka Dot Bride 

You Mean The World To Me 1

Image: Heart Love Weddings via Loverly

You Mean The World To Me 3

Image: Adam Barnes via Southern Weddings

You Mean The World To Me 5

Images: Catherine Rhodes via Style Unveiled

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Picture This – Wedding Day Photo Displays

24/07/2013 |

You Mean The World To Me

Image: Gypsy Westwood via You Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To Me

Displaying photographs at your wedding reception is a simple, cost effective way to add personality and a little extra-personal touch. 

If you and your partner have known each other for a long time, show your story through the years in pictures. Ensure you get the cringe-worthy old photos out – your guests will love seeing you back in the day as youngsters. 

A cute idea is to display photos of you and your partner as babies and children – this will get all your aunts cooing! This can be an especially nice touch if you both have siblings, as you can use photos with your brothers and sisters in too, showing the two families which will be uniting on your wedding day.

Display photographs of your parents and your grandparents on their wedding day; a lovely way to celebrate the successful marriages which have come before yours and a lovely excuse for your parents to dig out and look through their old photos and wedding album.

Pay tribute to lost loved ones on your wedding day with a display of their photos.

All of these ideas are also a great way to decorate a hen party, baby shower or a special birthday.

You Mean The World To Me

I’ve got the world on a string

Photographs are very light to pack if you’re jetting off for a destination wedding. Simply buy sweet little pegs and string like the ones shown below from stores such as John Lewis or Paperchase and string them up at your reception venue. Be careful where you hang pictures if you are getting married abroad – bright sunlight can damage your photographs.

You Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To Me

Image: Gypsy Westwood via You Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To Me

Image: Gypsy Westwood via You Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To Me 8

Image: Amanda Kraft Photography via Brides

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