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How To Take Your Wedding Dress On A Plane

07/08/2013 | 2

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You Mean The World To Me

You’ve booked your venue, you’ve found ‘the’ dress and your destination wedding planning is well underway. Then someone asks you: ‘How are you going to take your wedding dress on the plane?’ Hmmm…..


It can be one of the things that lingers at the bottom of your to-do list (from personal experience!), mainly because you’re really not quite sure how you’re going to transport your pride and joy and because it somehow doesn’t seem quite as important as getting your invites sent out, working out who is going to be happy sitting next to you-know-who at the wedding breakfast and the other 150-or-so ‘urgent’ things that need doing….like, yesterday.


Here to help is a step-by-step guide to ensure that you have done your research, thought this through properly and got your plan of action sorted, so that you can tick this off your (hopefully shortening by the day) list. Result!


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