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Wedding Bloggers Favourite Weddings Of 2014 – Part Three!

24/12/2014 |

Getting Married Abroad Blog

Image: Sarah Christensen Photo via You Mean The World To Me


This week I have had the pleasure of sharing the blog with some of the loveliest ladies of the wedding blogging community as they kindly agreed to share their favourite weddings that have been featured on their own blogs throughout the year.


Be sure to take a peek at part one and part two of the Wedding Bloggers Favourite Weddings of 2014 series if you missed them as the darling days that these wonderful wedding bloggers have shared are bursting with brilliant wedding ideas and more wedding pretty than your peepers will have ever seen before!


So without further ado, here’s the final roundup of weddings from around the world. Prepare to be inspired…



Sonia – Editor of Want That Wedding

Want That Wedding Favourite Weddings of 2014

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Wedding Bloggers Favourite Weddings Of 2014 – Part Two!

23/12/2014 |

Wedding Bloggers Favourite Weddings 2014

Image: Anna Roussos via You Mean The World To Me


Yesterday the blog was in the expert hands of fellow wedding bloggers, as they kindly shared some of their most-loved weddings that have been featured on their own blogs throughout the last year in a wedding bloggers favourite weddings of 2014 feature!


There were weddings that had truly stolen their wedding blogger hearts, receptions that simply stood out due to incredible decor and details and ceremonies in wow-factor locations, and since there was so much wedding pretty to share, one blog post just wasn’t enough.


So we are back today with more wonderful weddings from wedding bloggers from all over the globe in part two of the best weddings to rock the wedding blogging world in 2014!



Eleni – Editor of Love4Wed

Love4Wed Favourite Weddings of 2014

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Wedding Bloggers Favourite Weddings Of 2014 – Part One!

22/12/2014 |

Wedding Bloggers Favourite Weddings 2014

Image: onelove photography via You Mean The World To Me


On Friday I shared the most popular You Mean The World To Me blog posts of 2014. These were the pages most frequently visited by you, the lovely readers, throughout the last year – your favourite features.


This led me to thinking about my favourite features that I have shared and about all of the much-loved weddings that have been showcased on the blog. With all honesty, every wedding that is published is a true favourite. Bloggers accept real wedding submissions that they fall in love with otherwise we wouldn’t feel confident that you, our readers, would love them too!


However, there are always a few fabulous destination weddings that seem to linger in my mind for just a little longer. Maybe it’s a wedding with a wonderful love story behind it, possibly the décor or DIY efforts blow me away or sometimes it is a downright delightful destination wedding location that instantly has me longing to visit that corner of the globe, and sometimes a wedding has all of these amazing attributes and it’s impossible not to become instantly obsessed.


So I called upon some of the lovely ladies that I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with online through the wedding blogging community and asked them to let us in on their favourite weddings that had been featured on their own blogs throughout the year and to reveal why!


Over the next few days, prepare to be inspired by a plethora of wedding pretty as the top wedding bloggers from around the world bring you their perfect picks! Here we go….



Emily & Jess – Editors of Bespoke Bride

Bespoke Bride Favourite Wedding Of 2014

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Ask The Experts – Wedding Bloggers Share Their Top Tips

26/06/2014 |

You Mean The World To Me


Every month there is a feature on the blog called Ask The Experts, where professionals from within the wedding industry are invited to write a guest blog post with the aim of bringing you excellent insider information and top wedding tips, along with sharing their wealth of expertise.


This led me to thinking, who would be better to ask for priceless wedding advice than wedding bloggers? The very people who are living and breathing wedding pretty everyday, the talented teams that know weddings inside and out, and who help to bring new ideas, style and personality to nuptials all over the world.


You Mean The World To Me 1

Images: Gypsy Westwood via You Mean The World To Me 


So I asked the wonderful wedding blogging community to share their top tips on any aspect of planning a wedding to help and guide all brides-to-be…and here is the result! Personal perspectives and knowledgeable advice from the lovely ladies who really are in the know…



Krisstin – Editor of On The Go Bride


“My best advice to anyone planning a wedding is hire a wedding planner.”

“If you want to forgo a wedding planner, at the very least hire a day-of-coordinator.

These professionals know how to handle the unexpected situations to help your day run smoothly and stress free.

I realized just how important these professionals were after my wedding. It was at the end of July when an unexpected hail storm occurred flooding our reception tent.

My day of coordinator handled everything and I had no idea the tent had even flooded.

She kept me out of the loop (in a good way) and took care of all the major hiccups so that by the time the ceremony was over we could all enjoy the reception worry free.”


Lauren – Editor of My Hotel Wedding


“If you’re flexible, you can often work with your hotel or other wedding venue to negotiate a better deal.”

“Don’t come asking for discounts just because. Instead be open to the different options that are available to you.

For example, you can save on rental costs by hosting your wedding on a Friday, Sunday or weeknight.

Serve a 3 course instead of a 4 course menu and see if they’ll lower the price. Another option is to book your wedding short term.

When you call, ask the Wedding Specialist if there are last minute dates they’re looking to fill or if they have a slow seasons.

When you’re open to working with your venue, you’ll be guaranteed to get a better deal.”



Esther – Editor of Belle & Chic

 Foto-Esther-2“Keep an open mind when it comes to choosing your dress.”

“Very early on in my ‘quest for a dress’, I fell in love with a design that soon after seeing it in the store wasn’t available anymore. Instead of looking a little more, I got completely fixated on that one dress.

One month before the wedding, and two failed replica attempts later, I finally gave in and went on a shopping marathon, literally trying on ’50 dresses’…. and I was finally having a good time!

I ended up with a design that was totally different from what I had envisioned, but I felt like a princess.


So my advice is not to obsess over something that might turn out to be unreachable. When you see gown on Pinterest that is only available on another continent… keep an open mind.

Go to the stores in your area, and try on as many dresses as you can, you’ll be surprised at what you might find!”


Emily and Jess – Editors of Bespoke Bride

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 21.58.28

“When planning your try not to be too influenced by what you see in magazines, on blogs or Pinterest.”


“In the end your wedding isn’t about flowers, dresses and decor it is about two people sharing their commitment surrounded by lots of wonderful family members and friends.”






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