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Real Wedding – Sweet Summer Ceremony In Lithuania

01/12/2014 |


Vitalija & Raimondas   ♥   Vilnius, Lithuania

Photographer:   Justin R – Wedding Photographer


I have totally fallen for Lithuanian weddings. Maybe it’s just the style of soiree that destination wedding photographer Justin R attends, or possibly all Lithuanian nuptials radiate with this certain something – a somewhat trendy chicness, a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.


Either way I am sold. There’s so much charm, charisma and homely inspiration that can be taken from the informal celebrations that I have seen from Lithuania and Raimondas and Vitalija’s sweet summer ceremony is no exception.


Every detail of this darling day looks like it compliments the couple’s personalities; both Raimondas and Vitalija’s effortless big day style, their picture-perfect service and their welcoming reception and décor suggests a comfortable, at ease and uncontrived vibe. It truly gives you the impression that they had their day their way.




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Real Wedding – Pretty Pink Lithuanian Wedding

05/11/2014 |


Goda & Arturas   ♥   Vilnius, Lithuania

Photographer:   Justin R – Wedding Photographer


All weddings make your heart swell, no matter the location, the details, the wedding pretty. It’s the story that counts, the coming together of two people, of two families and the loving looks that you catch in the eyes of the newly-weds.


Well, today’s pretty pink wedding has it all! The delight of Goda and Arturas during their special day is unmistakably clear to see; they never stop grinning, their eyes fixated on one another whilst radiating remarkably relaxed and unperturbed personas. This laid-back, loving atmosphere serves only to heighten the super-inviting feeling of their darling day, creating the type of occasion everyone would love to be invited to: warm, welcoming and fun.


The cherry on the top of this sweet European wedding is an utterly charming theme, with a sugary haze of delicate pinks and lilac, dainty butterflies, vintage music paper and delightful bicycle references, all captured on camera by the wonderful destination wedding photographer Justin R. Enjoy!




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