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Real Wedding – Snowy Mammoth Mountain Wedding

04/05/2015 | 0

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Brandi & Jake   ♥   Mammoth Mountain, California, USA

Photographer:  Cean One Studios


There’s something undeniably romantic about a mountain wedding. With clear blue skies and crisp fresh air, take your breath away views and untamed scenic beauty they’re the epitome of weddings that are at one with nature. Oh and if there’s even the finest film of snow turning the scene into a winter wonderland then it is sure to be a heart melting wedding day.


Today’s mountain wedding has it all and then some. Set on the large and popular ski resort on Mammoth Mountain in Eastern California, Brandi and Jake used this idyllic and icy setting to create a pretty and personalized wedding day that not only had a wonderful woodland backdrop and a reception venue with roaring fires but their day was topped off with aforementioned blanket of snow, taking the romance of their day to a higher level.


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Wedding Theme Inspiration – Snow Is Falling

29/01/2015 | 2

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Image: Hacker Wedding Photography via Rock My Wedding


There are some seriously snowy situations going on across the globe. A few flurries have fallen across the UK and our neighbours just across the (frozen!) pond in NYC have been engulfed in a snowstorm this whole week. Of course blizzards can bring all sorts of impracticalities, but in the right setting it sure does look pretty!


To be in keeping with this wild winter weather, today is all about snowy white weddings. A destination wedding needn’t just mean sunshine and the seaside; a winter wonderland wedding is just as spectacular and awe-inspiring as any warm weather wedding.


So if you’re newly engaged and wondering where to get married abroad, hopefully this snow white wedding inspiration will help you to decide if snowfall could be the backdrop to your big day and if you believe it could, then be sure to make the most of the magical white wonderland with these cool ideas…


  • Opt for frosty looking flowers or beautiful berry toned blooms to compliment your icy surroundings.


  • A cosy bridal cape is a must. It’s almost reason enough to get married in cold weather!


  • Cuddle up with your beau under a blanket, wrap your arms around each other to keep warm or just snuggle up together and be warmed by each other’s love, making sure to capture these magical moments on camera!


  • Use your snowy destination as direction for your wedding theme.


  • Use snowflakes for fabulous photo ops with your rings embedded in a ball of snow or have a playful snowball fight!


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Image: Jason Mize Photography via June Bug Weddings

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Let It Snow – Winter Wonderland Wedding Venues

06/12/2013 | 0


Image: Markus Alatalo via ICEHOTEL

You Mean The World To Me

Winter weddings can be wonderfully romantic. There’s nothing more delightful than a crisp, bright wintertime wedding morning with frosty ground crunching underfoot while white puffs of smoke billow upwards from chimney tops and Christmas fairy lights twinkle all around. 


If the idea of looking out over snowy grounds on your big day fills you with delight, go one step further and consider a real winter wonderland wedding in Lapland, fit for a snow queen.


Go into the wild for your wedding (or the Artic Circle to be precise!), where soft snow silences the surrounding forests and translucent icicles hang precariously from every inch of rooftop. Embrace the calm and blissful tranquility while breathing in the pure fresh air and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights dancing across the night skies whilst sipping on a hot toddy.


Doesn’t this sound idyllic? What about arriving by reindeer sleigh and tying the knot inside an ice chapel on your wedding day? If being a real life Snow White on your special day sounds like heaven, the beyond-beautiful ICEHOTEL in Swedish Lapland and the picture postcard Kakslauttanen Hotel and Igloo Village in Finnish Lapland could be the wedding destinations for you…and an unforgettable expedition for your wedding guests too.

You Mean The World To Me 

ICEHOTEL – Sweden:

“ICEHOTEL is the world’s first and largest hotel built of snow and ice and it is situated in Jukkasjärvi, a small village in Northern Sweden with 1,100 residents and 1,000 dogs. Each winter, some 50,000 visitors from all over the world come to see ICEHOTEL to experience the tranquility, the northern lights and all of the activities offered in Europe’s last wilderness 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.”



Image: Ben Nilsson via Ice Hotel

You Mean The World To Me

“ICEHOTEL covers 5,500 square meters and is constructed from 1,000 tonnes of Torne River ice and 30,000 tons of “snice”, a mixture of snow and ice that strengthens the structure. Around 100 people are involved in the construction of ICEHOTEL, half of which are artists especially invited to design particular areas of the hotel. The construction is a year-round process. Between March and April, 5,000 tons of ice is harvested from the Torne River and kept in cold storage during spring and summer. Construction takes place in November and December and the entire ICEHOTEL is then open between December and mid-April, when everything begins to slowly melt and return to the Torne River.”

You Mean The World To Me


You Mean The World To Me

“ICEHOTEL is beautiful and ephemeral, changing yet consistent. Every ICEHOTEL is special. Thanks to the work of visiting artists and designers from around the world, it is always a unique attraction. With innovative and modern design; technical know-how and architecture, ICEHOTEL is a project with high ambitions that leaves no one indifferent.”

 You Mean The World To Me


You Mean The World To Me

Getting married at ICEHOTEL

“Couples from all over the world come to the Ice Church. Children from near and far are being baptized here. And couples that are already married can have their marriage blessed in the beautiful Ice Church. The unique experience of the place, the ice, the snow and the almost unreal surroundings at ICEHOTEL leave no one indifferent. And perhaps the shared memory and experience becomes even stronger for the very reason that the church is perishable. When no architectural memento exists, the memories and the vows exchanged are especially cherished.

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