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Wedding Theme Inspiration – New York City At Sunrise

27/10/2014 | 3

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In my opinion there’s no greater time to enjoy a city than at dawn. The magical moments when you can explore and appreciate the cityscape in almost silence, surrounded only by other knowing early birds, just before the city’s dwellers begin to stir and breath life into the streets.


Sasha Chou Photography wisely used the enchanting morning sunrise over the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City as a backdrop for today’s styled shoot. This peaceful time in the city that never sleeps drew a beautifully romantic light, the perfect companion to a vintage theme.


A lace Victoriana dress, an autumnal red rose and jasmine flower crown and a majestic bouquet delivered a creative contrast to the urban setting and produced a delightful fall wedding theme to inspire you.


Getting Married Abroad Blog

Getting Married Abroad Blog

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