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Real Wedding – Traditional Cambodian Wedding Ceremony

19/08/2014 | 1

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Anne Maly & Elias   ♥   Quebec, Canada

Photographer:   Bonnallie Brodeur


Many of the couples featured on You Mean The World To Me have met whilst on their journeys around the world, whether it be a chance meeting on holiday or travelling, or when they’ve moved across the other side of the globe for work, or purely for a change of scene in the hope to fulfill their sense of adventure.


When it comes down to these worldwide couples tying the knot, a destination wedding often ticks all of the boxes. Some choose to host their nuptials at a halfway point for both families to travel to, others select a completely new and neutral place, many decide upon a holiday spot that is close to their hearts, or opt for hosting the ceremony at one of their homes yet with an injection of both of their cultural heritages.


It’s this coming together of ideas, traditions, cultures and their sense of adventure that makes such weddings wonderfully unique and personal, a joy to see and attend, and ensures that the bride and groom have their day their way.


Anne Maly is of Cambodian origin and her and Elias wanted to intertwine a Cambodian wedding ceremony with a traditional white wedding. The day started according to Cambodian culture with Elias and the wedding party walking the streets from his house to where the beautiful bride was getting ready, in delightful, traditional Cambodian dress. They then enjoyed customary Cambodian marriage rituals before donning their sleek suits and a wonderful white dress for the rest of their celebrations.


With so many different stages to their day (and the four fabulous dresses Anne Maly wore!), they and their guests enjoyed a colourful combination of customs. I love how this darling duo let their hearts and their personalities lead the way when planning their special day.


Getting Married Abroad Blog

Getting Married Abroad Blog

Getting Married Abroad Blog

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