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Engagement Shoot – Magical Manhattan Beach Sunset

30/06/2014 | 1


Meghan & Mike   ♥   Los Angeles, USA

Photographer:   Ryan and Heidi Studio


Not only is Manhattan Beach one of my all-time favourite places in the world but these romantic, impactful, atmospheric and beautifully shot engagement images from Ryan and Heidi Studio stole my heart immediately. They perfectly capture the soul of these sweethearts and the breathtaking beach cities of LA that they call home (not jealous at all!).


If you’re from out-of-town and visiting Los Angeles anytime soon, be sure to drop by Manhattan Beach – it’s laid-back Cali cool at its best. Making up just over 2 miles of the 20 mile stretch of The Strand (the LA beach boardwalk that connects Torrance Beach with Santa Monica), Manhattan Beach is a renowned spot for surfing and volleyball.  Trendy restaurants famous for their taste (Manhattan Beach Post to name just one),  relaxed hipster bars, the stylish Shade Hotel and street upon street of hillside homes make up this desirable neighbourhood.






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