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Real Wedding – Viva Las Vegas!

03/12/2014 | 6

Getting Married Abroad 255

Jen & Steve   ♥   Las Vegas, USA

Photographer:   Gaby J Photography


It’s Real Wedding Wednesday and what a delightful destination soiree I have for you today!


Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Despite visiting California a number of times, I still haven’t ventured across the desert to the neon city but I soooo want to! The scorching sunshine and luxurious hotel suites, the bright lights and 24 hour partying (should your heart desire!), the tantalising shows and the world-class restaurants, who wouldn’t fancy a few days filled with fun in viva Las Vegas?!


Jen and Steve thought exactly that too! Both from the UK, today’s couple holidayed in Vegas together and with friends on many occasions and as they got engaged there too, it became clear that a destination wedding in this delightful desert city was the only place for them to say “I Do!”. They jetted off with their nearest and dearest to tie the knot in the sunshiny State of Nevada and took the opportunity to show their loved ones all of the lights and delights of this sizzling city that they hold dear to their hearts.


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Destination Wedding Guide – Getting Married In Las Vegas

31/07/2014 | 3

Getting Married In Las Vegas

Image: Fisheye Photos via Little Vegas Wedding


If you are thinking about getting married in Las Vegas then this Destination Wedding Guide is a great place to start!

And who could be better than the Las Vegas destination wedding expert Kelly, editor of the hugely popular blog Little Vegas Wedding, to bring you all of the inspiration and information you need to start planning your big day in vibrant Vegas?



Kelly from Little Vegas Wedding:

Are you ready to turn heads in the casino? Las Vegas is not just for quickie weddings anymore, they can be luxurious, heavily personalised and affordable.



Getting Married In Las Vegas

 Image: Bently & Wilson Photography via Little Vegas Wedding



Legal requirements

Nevada marriages are legal and recognised all over the world. Vegas weddings are infamous for being quick and easy in terms of paperwork and there is no waiting period or blood tests required, so weddings on short notice are possible. Your officiant or wedding planner will typically be able to help you and talk you through the legal paperwork process.


Some countries do require an Apostille and proof of that the marriage ceremony was performed, which consists of a certified copy of the marriage certificate. Some countries may also require a certified copy of the marriage license as well. Be sure to check with the appropriate agency in your country before leaving for Vegas. It is worth noting that British citizens must provide formal notification of an overseas marriage with the General Register Office before the Nevada wedding and then by depositing a certified copy of their marriage certificate (and possibly an Apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State) when they get home.



At this time Nevada does not offer same sex marriages. Your chosen minister or religious official must also be certified to perform marriage ceremonies in Nevada, search for approved officiants here.



Getting Married In Las Vegas

Image: Gaby J Photography via Little Vegas Wedding

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