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Real Bride Review – Apsara Resort And Villa – Thailand

08/07/2013 |


Thailand wedding venue:

Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa – Khao Lak



Real bride review:

“We first went to Thailand in 2010 when we went travelling around Asia. We absolutely fell in love with the place and knew that if we got married this would be the place to do it!”



Image: Top & Second Row: Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa


“We decided to get married in May 2012 and started planning a ‘typical’ British wedding however it just didn’t feel right and in October 2012 we decided that we wanted to get married in Thailand with a few special friends and family.”


“When we were travelling we had never been to Khao Lak, however we had heard that it was meant to be beautiful so we started to look for hotels in this area. We found Apsara and it looked idyllic – on the beach, secluded and hardly any people around! We knew that this was the place and started to arrange it with the hotel.”





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