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Engagement Shoot – Dreamy Beach Proposal

21/07/2014 | 9

Getting Married Abroad Blog

Rachael & James   ♥   Ohio, USA

Photographer:   Kayla Coleman Photography


When a fashionable designer gets engaged you can guarantee she will have one chic engagement shoot. Team this style savvy bride-to-be and her dapper groom-to-be with an oh-so-brilliant photographer and the results are dreamy romantic photographs, abounding with personality.


Rachael, the founder of design boutique Shore Society and her hubby-to-be James, got engaged on the bleached white sands of the Key West, Florida. Once home and still reeling from their romantic proposal trip, they recreated the feeling of those fabulous vacation moments at their local beach. By photographing at their house (with their super-cute pooch!) and on their well-loved bikes too, their personalities and home life shone through, as well as their obvious adoration for each other.


Getting Married Abroad Blog

Getting Married Abroad Blog


Kayla Coleman Photography:

“Often there are couples that photographers want to call ‘DIBS!’ on. When I saw Jim and Rachael’s engagement announcement on Facebook, I jumped at my chance to get them in front of my camera!”


Getting Married Abroad Blog

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