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Your Question Answered! Is A Destination Wedding Less Stressful?

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Okay, there’s no denying it, wedding’s can be stressful. You need to juggle the organization of the biggest event that you will probably hold in your lifetime with possibly a full time job or other commitments, along with trying to accommodate everyone else’s opinions and ideas, all whilst trying not to get too caught up in the emotion of the fact that you’re going to marry your beau and all of the amazingness that comes with vowing to spend the rest of your lives together. Phew!


Yes, weddings can be stressful whether they take place at home or abroad; the key is to not let it get on top of you (easier said than done of course!). Once your wedding is over, you will look back and remember the day, not all the numerous trips to the shops and the discussions over guest lists and table plans, you’ll look back and remember the first look between you and your hubby-to-be and you’ll remember like it was yesterday standing side-by-side with them at the alter. Keep focused on the bigger picture – you and your new hubby getting hitched – and make sure that you both have the wedding day that you have dreamt of; have your day your way and you’ll look back with nothing but happy memories.


Putting all of the standard wedding stress to one side, can a destination wedding be less stressful? Yes it really can. It brings some stresses in to the equation that you wouldn’t have if you were getting hitched at home, but if you have the right people on the ground helping you at your destination, then it certainly can be easier and here’s why…


Getting Married Abroad Blog

Image: Closer To Love via You Mean The World To Me 


Mr. Weatherman: 

If your idea of the perfect wedding day is waking up to a brilliant blue sky and not having to worry about the rain, then a destination wedding could be for you! If you love the sunshine, choose a location and the time of year that will deliver you with almost guaranteed great weather.


Guest list:

If you always aspired to having a big white wedding then a destination day might not be the right route for you as there will be guests who will not be able to attend for a variety of reasons. However, if you would be content with just your closest friends and relatives by your side, a destination wedding can be ideal. If a less complicated, scaled-down wedding sounds perfect, then a destination day could be just the ticket.


Hosting a destination ‘I do’ enable’s you to spend more quality time with your loved one’s as it becomes a multiday event. Most invitees are excited about the prospect of a city break or holiday to celebrate a wedding and if you are getting wed in Europe, cheap flights and a variety of accommodation levels means showing up to your special day can be done on a shoestring if desired.


Getting Married Abroad Blog

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