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Life Through A Lens With BlueCicada Photography

29/07/2013 | 0

You Mean The World To Me


We get to see what life is like through a lens as we chat with the incredibly talented Caroline from BlueCicada Photography, a destination wedding photographer based in Kuala Lumpur.


Today’s interview gives an insight into the dreamy job of a destination wedding photographer and Caroline shares her top tips with us on the increasingly popular trend of engagement shoots, finding the right wedding photographer and making your wedding day memorable.


YMTWTM: How did you get started as a photographer?

  • Caroline: “I have always been taking photos. A lot! I used a point and shoot camera at first and would play in post processing. I got my first DSLR about five years ago and was shooting in automatic. I very quickly disliked the look that was inflicted by the pop up flash and really wanted to learn more about how to make images from scratch. I attended a course with a professional photographer in Dubai and from there I studied online and practiced a lot. I still do and still learn every day.”


YMTWTM: How would you describe your photography style?

  • Caroline: “I like to think that my French-ness is in my photographs – something stylish, classy and timeless. My ultimate photographer idol is Robert Doisneau and what I admire about him mostly is this ability he had, this magic I should say, to capture the special glances between people and compose his photos so well. What’s timeless is the emotions that people feel, the way they look at each other. This is what I see when I have my camera in my hands. I much prefer to create natural looks for my images, I want people to look at their images and say: ‘That’s so me, you have captured us exactly how we are.’ If someone says that to me, I know I have done a good job.”


You Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To MeYou Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To Me


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