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How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Venue

15/11/2013 |

You Mean The World To Me

Iscoyd Park, Shropshire


Being newly engaged is such a special time in your life. You can’t wait to buy your first wedding magazine, you are overwhelmed with excitement from the recent proposal whilst enjoying the whirlwind of starting to plan your wedding day. 


The first important decision you need to make is where you’re going get married and then of course you have the task of finding the perfect venue… 


That’s where the stunning new website Find Your Perfect Venue comes in. Recently launched by tech-savvy team Rachel and Mat, the site aims to take the stress out of finding the amazing venue that you’ve always dreamt of, but you weren’t sure even existed! You no longer need to spend hours wading through websites, because Find Your Perfect Venue have done it for you.


Search for venues across the UK and Ireland by region, or if you have a type in mind you can search by style, such as City, Festival, Boutique or Barn.


The website is packed full of pretty and practical pictures, ensuring that you get a real feel for each venue without even having to leave the house. Perfect!


You Mean The World To Me

Kings Weston House, Bristol

You Mean The World To Me

Compton Verney, Warwickshire

You Mean The World To Me

Danby Castle, North Yorkshire


Rachel from Find Your Perfect Venue tells us more:

“Mat and I have both worked in website development for many years. Our inspiration for setting up the site came when we realised how difficult it was to find venues online quickly and easily; we saw a gap in the online world of weddings and realised we could fill it by creating a site that allows you to simply browse for specific criteria, on one site, for venues fitting your personal preferences.”


“In Find Your Perfect Venue you will discover a site that provides a straightforward, visual way for you and your partner to find the perfect wedding venue to match your vision for your wedding day. We believe that websites should be accessible, intuitive and effortless to use. Planning your wedding, after all, should be fun!”


You Mean The World To Me

Cranberries Luxury Hideaway, Devon

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