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Real Wedding – Stylish Beachside Wedding In The Hamptons

01/04/2015 |

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Caitlin & Mark   ♥   New York, USA

Photographer:   Kane and Social  


I’ve developed a real soft spot for weddings in the oh-so-desirable Hamptons of New York. They have all the cool, edgy vibes of a sleek city wedding yet they’re beachside, with the kind of raw and scenic backdrops that only come from being beside the seaside.


The Hamptons has long been a classic city getaway for New Yorkers and with the rise in popularity of destination weddings, this exclusive beach area and its impressive venues have been taking the wedding world by storm.


Caitlin and Mark tied the knot with a relaxed outdoor ceremony overlooking the gentle ocean waves before partying the night away with their gorgeous guests at a private golf club – The Bridge in Bridgehampton. All the style of the city was combined with stunning vistas of the sea to create a winning wedding combo!


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