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Friday Five – Top Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

13/06/2014 |

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When it comes to getting married abroad, the whole process can definitely be less stressful then tying the knot at home. If you have a good wedding planner or a wedding coordinator (if you’re saying ‘I do’ at a hotel) then most of the options will be online for you to view or emailed through to you, ensuring that decision making is a smooth and painless process. 


There are of course some specific things to consider when planning a destination wedding. If you’re just getting started on the wedding planning process here are five top tips for planning a destination wedding….



Getting Married Abroad Blog

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Friday Five – Destination Wedding Tips For Looking After Your Guests

18/04/2014 |

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It’s Good Friday! And what a sunshiny Friday it is too – yeay!

With that in mind, this week’s Friday Five is all about looking after your wedding guests if you’re jetting off for your destination wedding day in the sunshine. These simple destination wedding tips will ensure you plan your big day with your guests comfort in mind.


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If you’re getting married abroad, let your guests know how formal or informal to dress for your special day by putting a dress code or a hint towards the level of formality you expect in the wedding invitation.


Be sure to inform your guests within your invitation as to where the wedding will be held too. If you’re saying ‘I Do’ on the beach let your guests know that they might be best in bare feet during the ceremony rather than their high heels or inform your guests if you’re tying the knot in a church so that people know what to wear.


You could go one step further and have flip-flops at your beach altar as wedding favours. Take a look at this destination wedding favour feature for more unique ideas if you’re getting married abroad.


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