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Real Wedding – A Carnival Of Colours In The Desert

20/11/2014 | 1

Getting Married Abroad Blog

Joann & Dimitri   ♥   Zion National Park, USA

Photographer:   Gideon Photography


Happy Thursday everyone! It’s almost Friday and today’s cheerful county fair themed wedding will certainly get you ready for the weekend – nothing says celebration more than a carnival of colours!


Joann and Dimitri chose the vast Zion National Park in Utah for their unique nuptials with the rugged scenery of the burnt orange canyons as the backdrop to their bright and beautiful, unique and whimsical wedding.


Through the use of bold blooms, daring décor and eye-catching accessories, along with colourful country fair games, they ensured their intimate desert soiree was an explosion of rainbow hues and fun filled moments.


Getting Married Abroad Blog

Getting Married Abroad Blog

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