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Wedding Theme Inspiration – Enchanting Bridal Preparation Shoot

16/09/2014 | 10

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The morning of your wedding day is like a dream; it’s difficult to put your finger on the feeling or for a description to do it justice.


It’s a little like the giddy sensation on Christmas morning when you’re a child. Waking up and realising that something exciting is going to happen, but knowing that you have to wait as it’s too early to get up yet – this combined with a hazy daydream sensation almost like it’s not real.


When these magical moments and the emotion of preparing to be a bride are caught on camera they’re priceless, so ensure that your wedding photographer spends a little time with you and your maids in the bridal suite at this special time.


Today’s sophisticated styled shoot has this thought in mind and is overflowing with romantic inspiration for your bridal preparation. The oh-so-talented team (Gert Huygaerts Photography and Joy Proctor Design to name just a few) flawlessly captured the essence of an elegant Italian wedding morning at the breathtaking Belmond Hotel Caruso.


Subtle shades of blush, duck egg blue, muted grey and off-white created a soft palette, perfectly fitting for this enchanting setting, whilst chic bridal accessories, antique jewellery and delicate details assisted in emphasizing the pure romanticism of this bridal preparation shoot.


Getting Married Abroad Blog

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Getting Married Abroad Wedding Blog

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