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Ask The Experts – Bespoke Engagement And Wedding Rings

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It has become really important to many soon-to-be married couples to add unique elements to their wedding day in order to truly let their personality shine through at their special event.


Creating bespoke engagement and wedding rings is one way to give you a one of a kind design that is distinctive and personal to you as a couple and something you of course will treasure forever after the big day.    


The engagement and wedding ring experts from Wedding Rings Direct are on hand to give you some advice on creating bespoke rings and to share some exciting examples of designs that brides and grooms-to-be have conjured up themselves….


Wedding Rings Direct:

Adopting an individual style to your wedding day has become extremely popular over the last couple of years, which has come hand in hand with a trend towards bespoke engagement and wedding rings. Bespoke rings are a brilliant way of setting your wedding apart from any other one that has taken place. You might have a similar dress, venue and car to someone else, but nobody will ever have the same wedding ring as you if you opt for bespoke wedding rings. This is why so many couples are choosing unique rings, instead of opting for traditional rings.


Getting Married Abroad Blog


You would probably expect to pay celebrity wedding prices for such creative, modern and individual pieces of jewellery, but a lot of jewellers offer a free design; using your ideas to create something especially for you.

Bespoke rings can start from a sketch, picture or just an idea in your head which can then lead onto a design and the rings being handcrafted in the jeweller’s workshop. Bespoke can also be modifications on existing designs or amalgamating parts of different ring designs*. Some brides also require a shaped wedding ring to fit around their engagement ring for them both to sit perfectly next to each other; depending on the shape this can also be treated as a bespoke design.

You need to bear in mind that creating a bespoke design from start to finish may take a little longer than the non-bespoke route and you should always get a quote from the jeweller prior to them starting work on making the rings.


Below are some examples of bespoke rings:


  • This lovely customer wanted to frame their pretty vintage style engagement ring. As the cluster setting was quite large we needed to take some of the material away from the edge of the wedding band to make for a snug fit. The customer was keen to keep the vintage feel going so small diamonds were grain set along the edge to echo those along the engagement ring. This gave a really nice contrast and framed the ring perfectly.


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