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Friday Five – Destination Wedding Activities For Guests

24/10/2014 |

Getting Married Abroad Blog

Image: Comfort Studio via You Mean the World To Me


One of the major benefits of getting married abroad is that you get to enjoy an extended stay with your nearest and dearest, and the value of having all of your loved ones together in one place (let alone an amazing setting!) is truly priceless.


However your Aunty Agatha and Uncle Derek might not know your hubby’s parent’s best friends, or possibly your Uni mates might not have had the chance to meet your work friends before and although everyone will appreciate their personal space to enjoy the holiday in their own way and in their own time, it is a really great idea for the bride and groom to pre-plan some get-togethers and activities that will give everyone a chance to get to know one another.


With this in mind, this week’s Friday Five brings you five fabulous destination wedding activities for guests that are guaranteed to bring your group together.


Getting Married Abroad Blog

Getting Married Abroad Blog

Images: PhotoFactory Bali via You Mean The World To Me

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Friday Five – Top Tips For Your Wedding Cocktail Hour

10/10/2014 |

Getting Married Abroad Blog 1

Image: Gypsy Westwood via You Mean The World To Me


The ‘cocktail hour’ as they call it over the pond or the ‘drinks reception’ as we may refer to it in the UK is most definitely up there on my list of favourite parts of a wedding day.


So what makes this stage of the day so significant you might ask? Well, everyone has just enjoyed seeing the happy couple get hitched and after all of the emotion of a ceremony it certainly is nice to enjoy a cheeky beverage or two and begin to relax into the celebratory vibe of the day. Of course as the bride and groom you will be just about ready to start letting your hair down and getting your drink on now too, so the cocktail hour always becomes one of the most laid-back and lovely times of the day.


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Wedding Planning Tips – Ready For The Fall

02/09/2014 |

You Mean The World To Me 3

Image: K. D. Burke Photography via Hill City Bride


There’s been a real nip in the morning air recently here in the UK. The kind that makes it just that little bit harder to get out of your warm and cozy bed when the alarm goes off and that leaves you a little shivery when you get out of the hot shower.


Although summer is definitely my all-time favourite season (what could be better than sunshine and sandals?), there’s something that excites me about the onset of autumn. The first few weeks of the new season are quite delicious of course; crisp sunny mornings, new boots, a warm jacket to snuggle into, bright leaves that are starting to collect in crisp and crunchy piles, ready to be kicked and stomped through.


You Mean The World To Me

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Friday Five – Wedding Websites You Can’t Live Without

29/08/2014 |



If you’re just starting out on your engagement journey you’ll no doubt be on the hunt for beautiful big day finds and wedding treasure to make your nuptials special and reflect your personality as a couple. Beyond blogs and magazines there is a whole World Wide Web of wedding pretty out there to help you and to ignite your creativity.


There are a number of wedding focussed websites that I didn’t know anything about until I started this blog, so for this week’s Friday Five I thought I’d share the top five wedding websites that you simply can’t live without.


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Friday Five – How To Be A Great Bridesmaid

25/07/2014 |

Being A Great Bridesmaid


I absolutely loved being a bridesmaid. I didn’t really dream about being a bride when I was a little girl, nor did I dress up in white and parade around the garden with a pillowcase on my head as a make-shift veil, pretending to be a wife-to-be like a lot of my friends! I did however truly long to be a flower girl, and then a bridesmaid once I was no longer young or cute enough to be a flower girl.


The idea of being a bridesmaid seemed hugely appealing; getting to wear a glamorous gown (I should use the term ‘glamorous’ lightly, it was the 80’s when I was young enough to be a flower girl!) and being such a special part of what seemed to be the best party ever, looked like something I would really enjoy.


Well, I didn’t have to hang around for long. The privileged day of me becoming a bridesmaid, finally came at the ripe old age of…wait for it…29! So yes, there was a lot of expectation on my end when one of best friends popped the question. I of course said yes, with tears in my eyes.


How To Be A Brilliant Bridesmaid

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Friday Five – Top Tips For Hosting A Destination Wedding

11/07/2014 |

You Mean The World To Me 4


If you’re getting married abroad don’t miss this week’s Friday Five, which is all about hosting a destination wedding.

Look after your gorgeous guests and be the destination wedding hostess with the mostess by following these simple top tips! 



Plan ahead


As soon as you sign on the dotted line at your chosen venue and your date is officially set (eek!), get your save the date or invitations sent out. This could even be a simple email to your nearest and dearest with only these two important pieces of information on, but since your guests will need to book time off work and look at the costs for making the trip for your nuptials, the sooner you can let them know the details the better. Generally speaking, flights and accommodation are cheaper when booked in advance as there are more options, so time is of the essence.


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