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Something old, something new… 

There’s a new bridalwear collection headed to a boutique near you this season and your heart might just skip a beat when you see the romantic, backless, beaded beauties in ‘The Fifteen Collection’ from innovative bridal house Maria Senvo.


Maria Senvo is the creation of designer-duo Holly and Ryan who spotted an opportunity in the market for elegantly designed dresses with the new generation in mind, leading to the conception of a covetable collection for today’s twenty-something bride.


With lots of ‘cool girls’ struggling to find pieces that really work for them in unstructured shapes with sultry design details, the Maria Senvo brand steps in and marries an elusive paired down aesthetic with just the right amount of glamour, creating ‘low key luxe’ and a striking new presence in the industry (plus, these dreamy, delicate dresses have destination bride written all over them!).


Holly and Ryan from Maria Senvo exclusively tell all, about the brand, the collection and what’s coming next…


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YMTWTM: Who are the team behind the scenes?

  • Holly and Ryan: “The label has been set up by myself Holly Cuthbert and my partner Ryan Wilkinson, so we have both a male and female influence on the designs which we think is what makes them so unique. Our first collection launches this month alongside the website!”


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YMTWTM: What inspired you to design wedding dresses?

  • Holly and Ryan: “We always say…’If you’re a cool girl and your am to pm wardrobe is simple paired down and effortless, what do you then wear to get married in?’ That bride, someone not unlike ourselves we don’t think, really is the inspiration for each and every design. The aim always was to master that elusive paired down aesthetic with just the right amount of glamour and as well as the bride herself the inspirations are endless from art culture and modernism, even the campaign taster shot at a British sculpture park oozes an essence of what the brand is really about; creating what we hope really is a striking new presence in a somewhat traditional industry.”


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YMTWTM: Can you tell us more about the brand name?

  • Holly and Ryan: “Of course! The brand name is an anagram of ‘vena amoris’ which by way of tradition is the vein that links your ring finger to your heart.”


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 YMTWTM: What inspired the photo shoot for the new collection?

  • Holly and Ryan: “Our amazing photographer Georgina Martin is great at taking your vision and turning it into amazing images – she really grasped what we wanted to achieve by way of a fresh and youthful looking shoot. So many bridal images look very similar now a days and we really wanted to stand out from the crowd. The lighting in the images is beautiful and luckily for brides-to-be Georgina also shoots weddings as well as editorial and creates stunning natural pictures.”


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YMTWTM: Is there a Maria Senvo muse (or who would you love to see wearing a Maria Senvo dress)?

  • Holly and Ryan: “This is a hard one to answer but Olivia Palermo is newly engaged and we love her style – she is a supporter of British designers having regularly been spotted at fashion week and her day to day wardrobe is enviable!”


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 YMTWTM: How did you decide on the name of the collection and the names of the dresses?

  • Holly and Ryan: “The name of the collection ‘The Fifteen Collection’ is purely the year date of the collection, as we designers are always a year ahead of ourselves this collection launches this month yet will be sold internationally as 2015 pieces. The dress names were a little more tricky, a lot of the dress names have a personal meaning to us be it names of family and friends or aims and achievements we have.”


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YMTWTM: What advice would you give to brides-to-be who are on their quest to find the perfect wedding dress?

  • Holly and Ryan: “Be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to ask the experts! With lots of designers and boutiques  like ourselves taking to social media we love to hear from brides-to-be. The independent bridal boutiques are a must visit as they are filled with a wealth of knowledge and selection and they really can work with each individual bride to create their big day style just how they always dreamed.”


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YMTWTM: What is your favourite trend right now?

  • Holly and Ryan: “A favourite trend is that simplistic somewhat European look that is around at the moment. The French style is so effortlessly chic that we are all jumping on that band wagon. We are big believers that whatever you day to day style is, you convert this into your special day look.”


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YMTWTM: If you could attend a wedding anywhere in the world where would it be?

  • Holly and Ryan: “After falling in love with a recent Moroccan wedding on it’s a high contender!!”


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YMTWTM: What’s next for Maria Senvo?

  • Holly and Ryan: “At the moment we are concentrating on our UK launch and with an event coinciding with London Fashion week just 2 weeks away we are busy bees to say the least!”


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YMTWTM: Where will the new collection be stocked?

  • Holly and Ryan: “The new collection will be available nationwide in individual independent boutiques. Each one offers a unique service to their bride such as the lovely ‘The Case of the Curious Bride’ in Manchester who hand make bespoke accessories to match our gowns.”


YMTWTM: What is the price range of the collection?

  • Holly and Ryan: “The collection begins at £1,500 retail price and works upwards, with each gown customisable to suit the brides needs and to make her feel super special on her big day.”


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Images: Georgina Martin for Maria Senvo


Many thanks to Holly and Ryan for sharing the low-down on the stunning new collection. Here’s to the exciting launch!

Be sure to keep checking in on the Maria Senvo website for more details and official launch dates.


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