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Earlier this year a new bridalwear collection arrived on the wedding scene and it sure has been making waves ever since.


The beyond-beautiful dresses in the Maria Senvo (an anagram of ‘vena amoris’ which by way of tradition is the vein that links your ring finger to your heart) Fifteen Collection has set bride’s and the wedding world’s hearts aflutter.


With the collection featured in boutiques across the UK and a rapidly growing fan base, Maria Senvo have kept to their motto “A woman’s style should be a reflection of her individuality” with the latest On Edge campaign shot by renowned Conde Nast photographer Carlos Lumiere upon The White Cliffs of Dover. The campaign encompasses the image of a new generation bride, one whose style is paired down yet chic, simplistic but fashion forward.


Getting Married Abroad Blog


With a distinctly organic feel to their work, the Fifteen Collection is a contemporary mix of shapes and textures that have fast become representative of the brands aesthetic. Working with fine intricate beading and delicate appliques the pieces challenge what you know about bridal, while the style remains minimal and bohemian – perfect for brides who are getting married abroad.


Holly and Ryan from Maria Senvo exclusively tell all about the launch of the bridalwear collection and share their favourite holiday hotspots, travel must-haves and off-duty style…   


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Getting Married Abroad Blog


YMTWTM: How did the launch of Maria Senvo go and how is the wonderful world of weddings treating you so far?

  • “Without a doubt the launch exceeded expectations and was so well received by brides and boutiques alike. The brand has fast become a known name in bridal due to the young fresh look being something new to the industry. We’ve already had brides say their ‘I dos’ in our gowns only five months after launching the collection in February – and it’s a fabulous feeling.”


YMTWTM: What have been the most exciting milestones?

  • “It still all feels so new that every day something exciting happens and so the milestones are hard to name. Taking on new partners to stock the gowns at their independent boutiques still remains an exciting part – it’s always great to know our label will be more accessible to brides worldwide.”


Getting Married Abroad Blog

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YMTWTM: Tell us a little more about the inspiration behind the new campaign images.

  • “Sticking to our motto ‘A woman’s style should be a reflection of her individuality,’ the latest ON EDGE campaign was shot by renowned Conde Nast photographer Carlos Lumiere. It was a great opportunity to work with such a great creative and he understood the brand completely. We tried to encompass the image of a new generation bride…one whose style is paired down yet chic, simplistic but fashion forward. The campaign was shot on The White Cliffs of Dover but we often get asked if the images are in Europe – maybe next time we can shoot somewhere a little more exotic….”


YMTWTM: Which Maria Senvo dresses do you think are most fitting for a destination wedding and why?

  • “The collection lends itself to destination brides as the layered chiffon skirts look amazing on a beach! A favourite of ours, the Lyla gown (seen below) is set to be on a bride in the Bahamas very soon – her styling is very bohemian and relaxed which goes perfectly with the gown and is just how we imaged Lyla to be worn when in design.”


Lyla (1)

Getting Married Abroad Blog


YMTWTM: If you could choose to visit one place in the world next, where would it be?

  • “Anywhere with sandy beaches is the top of our list, with such a hectic lifestyle for work *not that we’re complaining* it’s nice to have the ultimate relax & recoup whenever we get the chance! The Maldives is a dream destination we’ve seen so much about but as of yet haven’t had the chance to visit…roll on the next holiday!”


YMTWTM: If you could choose to visit one place in the world again, where would it be?

  • “Somewhere we love all year around is the South of France, we’re lucky enough to have family there and so we get to jet off for the odd weekend here and there whenever the diary allows, be it summer or Christmas. In the middle of nowhere with no interruptions (or even wifi) we get our best ideas.”


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YMTWTM: What are your travel essentials?

  • “Our Apple charger!! Despite all the best intentions to switch off from all things Maria Senvo whilst away we still need our iphones to keep in touch with the team – call it obsessive we know!”


YMTWTM: What’s on your holiday wardrobe must-have list?

  • “Ryan wears flip flops come rain or shine, even at our home in Cheshire so if he packs anything it has to be these!! Our style is relaxed and paired down every day and so anything that is easy to put together with minimum effort goes straight in the case.”


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Getting Married Abroad Blog

Getting Married Abroad Blog


YMTWTM: How would you describe your everyday style?

  •  “As self confessed night owls, we usually begin work at around 9.30am and don’t stop until well into the evening most days – be it meetings with press or attending events with our brides, we often team outfits together that can be taken from am to pm. Less is always more and so we try to keep things simple, taking inspiration from designers such as Celine and Tom Ford.”


YMTWTM: What summertime tunes are you currently playing on your Ipod?

  • Walking with Elephants – Ten Walls and Jubel by Klingande. In Ryan’s words: If those don’t get your head bobbing, nothing will!”


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Getting Married Abroad Blog


YMTWTM: What’s coming up next for Maria Senvo?

  • “We have so many exciting things in the pipeline for the summer, including collaborations and bride events/exhibitions and have already began working on next season’s collection believe it or not!! No rest for the wicked as they do say…”


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Images: Carlos Lumiere for Maria Senvo


Many thanks to Holly and Ryan for exclusively sharing the latest about the exciting Maria Senvo brand. 


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  3. These dresses seem to just flow with the wind, lovely collection!

  4. Love the motto: “A woman’s style should be a reflection of her individuality.” A wedding is such an special time to express your individuality, especially with a gorgeous gown!

  5. An extraordinary setting for extraordinary gowns!

  6. Before I even read, I knew this had to be the Cliffs of Dover! Oh, so much swoon to my British Lit heart!

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