How to not get overwhelmed with wedding details

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With so many amazing ideas and wonderful wedding pretty out there and with the huge increase in couples really stamping their own personality onto their day, it can feel a little overwhelming when it comes to knowing where to start with deciding what to add to your own wedding and also a little difficult to know when to stop!


It’s like a comprehensive menu in a restaurant, at first it seems great with so many tasty treats to choose from but sometimes the bigger the choice and the more options there are, the more difficult it is to make a decision!


You might have so many ideas that you want to add to your day but be sure not to loose sight of how much you can feasibly do. You should definitely add your own style and have your day your way, but don’t run yourself ragged by the time you come to walk up the aisle!


Sometimes you can fall into the trap of feeling that every tiny detail has to represent you and your hubby-to-be or be personalized or handmade or perfectly match with your theme – all these little extras can be time consuming to think about, look for and create.


So, here are some top tips to help you be realistic from the start when it comes to the extra details….


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List maker


One of the most essential parts of wedding planning; the all-important to-do list! Make your list as comprehensive as possible from the start and add to it and update as you go along as it will soon assist you in putting together your time scale and all of the things that you need to do and when.


Once you see everything in achievable weekly steps, it becomes less daunting whilst giving you a clear picture of how much of the additional, personal extras that you can add in.


Make a list of  ‘ would really love to have’ and ‘if I get time I’ll do’ and categorise your ideas and extras under these titles. As the wedding day gets nearer you may simply decide that some of the ideas on the ‘if I get time list’ will just need to be crossed off. Remember, they are called ‘extra details’ as they are just that, non-essential, nice-to-haves!


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Picture this


When you first get engaged and you and your hubby-to-be are looking at ideas and themes and styles for your wedding, make a scrapbook (old school style!) or set up a Pinterest board and jot dot all of your ideas somewhere for safe keeping. Start with the sky (and your budget!) as the limit and then come back down to earth! Refer back to your to-do list and decide what you will feasibly be able to achieve in the time you have.


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Helping hand


Making your wedding personal should be the fun part. If you have some creative ideas and you really do want to include them in your big day, don’t forget about your bridal party, your friends and your family. Maybe your mum or aunty is a dab hand with a sewing machine and would love the opportunity to get crafty and make your bunting for you, or maybe your bridesmaids could help with handwriting the table name cards etc. Everyone will love to help (these are the fun bits!) and will enjoy feeling that they have been an integral part of your wedding, so don’t be afraid to use the skills of your nearest and dearest.

Maybe invite your crafty helpers to your home and get arty together, celebrating with a glass of vino once the work is done.


DIY Wedding Details

Images: Gypsy Westwood via You Mean The World To Me


Remember the most important part of your wedding is you and your beau standing up there and tying the knot in front of everyone you love. The extra details are a lovely addition but invest your time and budget in a few keys areas that have meaning to you two and make sure you enjoy every moment of your planning.


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