Guest Blogger Of The Month – Deciding On The Destination Of Your Dreams

02/10/2013 |


You Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To Me is being featured on the fantastic wedding planning website as Guest Blogger of the Month! will be sharing our destination wedding advice with their readers every week throughout October and so here’s our first article for you to enjoy too, which is all about deciding on the destination of your dreams…

You Mean The World To Me

You’re engaged! Congratulations!

Being newly engaged is such a special time in your life; you can’t wait to buy your first wedding magazine, look at ideas online ( and being your first port of call – obv!), you are overwhelmed with excitement from the recent proposal whilst enjoying the whirlwind of starting to plan your wedding day.



You Mean The World To Me

The first and probably the most important decisions you need to make are where to get married and then finding the perfect venue.


We simply adore dreamy destination weddings at You Mean The World To Me, however we can’t get enough of lovely local unities too. When it comes to answering that all-important question – will your wedding day be at home or away? It’s all about determining what’s truly right and reflective of you and your hubby-to-be.


In recent years, the number of couples opting for a destination wedding has been steadily growing. Many are seeking guaranteed sunshine (or snow), or a more unique wedding experience, others are lured by the temptation of a more cost effective big day, or the appeal of a less complicated and scaled down wedding. Whatever your w-day dreams, here are a few things to consider before choosing whether your nuptials will take place on homeland or an away shore.


First thing’s first:

What’s your vision for your big day and what are your top priorities?

Make sure these ideals are what you both desire and try not to get swayed by family opinions; remember it is important that you and your partner have your special day your way. If having Great Aunty Eve there is imperative to you and she can’t travel, having a wedding closer to home is going to be a no brainer. Sit down with your honey and discuss what you both envisage in detail.



If you would like a religious ceremony then this may determine where you marry. Many countries in Europe allow religious ceremonies for non-residents and civil ceremonies and blessings can take place almost anywhere, however it is essential to look into the legal requirements before making any final conclusions.



Images: Gypsy Westwood via You Mean The World To Me



A wedding overseas is almost assured to be more budget friendly. With a smaller guest list you can save on many areas. Most wedding venues offer very reasonable complete packages ensuring the final outlay is lower and by having stunning scenery as a backdrop, destination venues need little dressing up – avoiding high decoration expenses. Your honeymoon can be cost effective too if you choose to add this on to the end of your destination wedding.


Guest numbers:

If you always aspired to having a big white wedding then a destination day might not be the right route for you as there will be guests who will not be able to attend for a variety of reasons. However, if you would be content with just your closest friends and relatives by your side, a destination wedding can be ideal.

Hosting a destination ‘I do’ enable’s you to spend more quality time with your loved one’s as it becomes a multiday event. Most invitees are excited about the prospect of a city break or holiday to celebrate a wedding and if you are getting wed in Europe, cheap flights and a variety of accommodation levels means showing up to your special day can be done on a shoestring if desired.

You could always hold a small, low-key gathering or party once you get home for anyone who could not make your abroad wedding.


Time and effort:

Destination weddings can be easier to plan; couples tend to have a wedding planner or a hotel wedding coordinator and having someone sending all of the available options to you online can keep things simple, whilst still giving you flexibility and options for personalization.

If you want to be in control of every small detail and the idea of a more relaxed approach to a wedding is somewhat scary, you may find planning a destination wedding a little out of your comfort zone. There is definitely an element of needing to ‘just go with it’ with an overseas wedding.


If you want more advice, inspiration and ideas for wherever you plan to say ‘I do’ then You Mean The World To Me is the destination for you.