Friday Five – Top Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

13/06/2014 |

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When it comes to getting married abroad, the whole process can definitely be less stressful then tying the knot at home. If you have a good wedding planner or a wedding coordinator (if you’re saying ‘I do’ at a hotel) then most of the options will be online for you to view or emailed through to you, ensuring that decision making is a smooth and painless process. 


There are of course some specific things to consider when planning a destination wedding. If you’re just getting started on the wedding planning process here are five top tips for planning a destination wedding….



Getting Married Abroad Blog


Sunshine and seasons


Once you have fallen in love with the destination of your dreams, you’ll need to look at the best time of year to say ‘I do’. Even tropical destinations have rainy seasons and some locations won’t arrange weddings in the height of the summer due to the extreme temperatures and many hotels reserve the peak season for holiday guests only, rather than weddings.


Getting Married Abroad Blog


Check out the legalities


Research the legalities and timescales involved in getting married in your chosen country as they tend to vary greatly.


For some overseas wedding locations you may need to marry in the UK first (you should see this as simply completing the relevant documents rather than marrying) and then you hold a blessing ceremony in your chosen country as your wedding celebration. Take a look at our destination wedding guides for ideas and a starting point.


If you have a date in mind to get married you will need to ensure it ties in with the timings required to supply any legal documents, and be sure not to miss any important deadlines!


Getting Married Abroad Blog


R and R


R and R stands for research…and more research! Research your hotel venue, your wedding planner and any suppliers before booking.


Read our Real Bride Reviews for honest comments from real brides, read up about your hotel on Trip Advisor and check out wedding magazine forums – if there’s something negative to be said, someone is likely to have posted about it online, so Google everyone.


Search blogs such as You Mean The World To Me for real wedding features at your chosen location or with the photographer or wedding planner you like. You will be able to see the suppliers work in action and if you contact the blogger they might be able to put you in touch with the bride featured or make further recommendations.


Getting Married Abroad Blog


The wedding planner


If you can, use a wedding planner. Whether they are an independent planner or a wedding coordinator at your chosen hotel, having someone on the ground with local knowledge is worth the extra cost.


Getting Married Abroad Blog


Consider wedding insurance


Wedding insurance protects you against all sorts such as supplier failure and will give you peace of mind and a back up in anything does go wrong. Check out John Lewis wedding insurance, they supply a policy that can include weddings abroad.


Getting Married Abroad Blog

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