Friday Five – Tips For Packing For A Destination Wedding

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Tips For Packing For A Destination Wedding


When it comes to getting married abroad being organised is key! This is especially true when it comes to packing for your destination wedding.


As we all know, packing for an average holiday can take some time and so when it comes to ensuring that you have everything packed for your abroad wedding this task can seem a little daunting. So this week’s Friday Five brings you five top tips for packing for a destination wedding with the aim of getting you to start thinking about the packing process from the very beginning of your wedding planning. Stick to this advice and you’ll find packing for your destination wedding is a (tropical island!) breeze.


Packing For A Destination Wedding

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Little Miss List Maker


As soon as your destination-wedding venue is booked, you’ll be amazed as you begin to transform into a new version or yourself, you are becoming your new alter ego! She is super organized, she carries her wedding ‘to-do’ list everywhere she goes – yes, she’s Little Miss List Maker.


Okay, all joking aside, it’s the best tip that anyone can give you when it comes to planning your jet-set wedding: start making lists as soon as you set your date. It will seriously help to keep you on track with all of your wedding planning and it really is a blessing when it comes to packing for a destination wedding.


Buy yourself a notebook, email lists to yourself or keep track of everything by creating lists on your laptop. Begin by adding things that you will need to pack for your destination wedding as they come up in the wedding planning process.


What To Pack For Your Destination Wedding

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If you’ve just been sent a list of the legal documentation that you are required to take with you to your destination wedding location by your wedding planner, then add these official papers to your packing list straight away. Maybe you’ve just bought some darling decorations to hang in the trees at your wedding venue – add them to the packing list.


As you go through the planning process simply add every item that you will need to pack. As you get nearer to the wedding day start to add all your general essentials to this list too, from your wedding day outfits, passports and tickets, to your bikinis and toiletries etc until you have one long list of each and every item that needs to go with you to your destination day. This list will also give you a clearer indication of how much luggage you will need to take with you.


Getting Married Abroad

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Lighten the load


If you are taking decorations, order of service sheets or any DIY projects out to your destination wedding then you will need to book an extra suitcase on your flight. In the grand scheme of things an extra suitcase on most airlines is relatively inexpensive and it means you will have one suitcase for all of your clothes and then an extra suitcase for all of your wedding details and decor.


As you buy decor and details add them to the ‘packing for your destination-wedding’ list! Keep all of these treasures together in one box or one room in your house so that they are in one place and ready to pack. This way you won’t have to go hunting around the house for them or risk forgetting to take something. Buy yourself a big sheet of bubble wrap along with some tissue paper and wrap all of your decorations and wedding extras to protect them in the suitcase and prevent any breakages.


Write another list (see what I mean about becoming Little Miss List Maker?!) of what décor and wedding items you are taking out in this suitcase along with what they are for and where they will need to go/be displayed before you jet-off for your destination wedding. You can then delegate the items on this list to your nearest and dearest when you get to your venue, ensuring that you get all of the little details in the right places quickly and efficiently.


How To Pack For Your Destination Wedding

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How to take your wedding dress on plane


So you’ve booked your venue, you’ve found ‘the’ dress and your destination wedding planning is well underway. Then someone asks you: ‘How are you going to take your wedding dress on the plane?’ Hmmm…


Never fear! Taking your wedding dress on a plane does not need to be a stressful part of getting married abroad. Simply read through our detailed step-by-step guide to taking your wedding dress on a plane for all of the advice and top tips that you need to get your plan of transportation sorted.


How To Pack For A Destination Wedding

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White rehearsal dinner dress


White doesn’t have to just be for your wedding day! It has become increasingly popular to wear white the night before the wedding. Maybe you’re having an intimate get-together or even a full-on formal affair the evening before your big day, either way you certainly can’t go wrong by rocking a little white dress! So why not start feeling bridal the day before your wedding and dazzle your guests in one of these white rehearsal dinner dresses?


It may also give you peace of mind to have a back up white dress with you. I’m certainly not suggesting anything will happen to your wedding dress! However it might be nice to know that you have another white dress that you’d be happy dancing the night away in, if for example you had a little red wine incident during your reception or if you simply decided that you wanted to be in something more comfortable when the party keeps going until dawn!


What To Pack For A Destination Wedding

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Be prepared!


Hat trick – Just one day in the sunshine is enough to turn your hair parting scarlet and give a frazzled look to your locks. Not necessarily the look you might be hoping for come your destination wedding day. So, pick up a lightweight straw hat before your trip and keep your scalp and your tresses protected from the strong sunshine rays before your big day.


Sun protection – Be sure to pack enough suntan cream for the length of your trip and remember this is not the time to experiment with products. Purchase the suntan lotion that you usually use as you don’t want to risk any allergic reactions. A sun protection lip balm will ensure that you have kissable lips rather than sunburnt smackers on your big day too!


After sun supplies – Pack a plentiful supply of Aloe Vera cream or your favourite after sun lotion just in case you don’t take the above advice!


Medical emergency kit – To cover all eventualities take a small pre-packed medical emergency kit or create your own (and include some paracetamol for any post-wedding sore heads!). Jungle Formula and an After Bite pen are good to pack just in case you come across any pesky mosquitoes and a tube of Germolene always comes in handy – it’s a serious skin saviour for any random rashes, stings, bites, or dreaded spots that could appear!


Packing For Your Destination Wedding

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Has this helped you to get ahead with your destination wedding packing? 

If you need anymore advice please do leave your questions in the comments box below. 


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