Friday Five – Reasons To Hire A Destination Wedding Planner

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Five Reasons To Hire A Destination Wedding Planner


It can feel daunting being at a distance from your big day location but don’t let these fears stop you having a destination day. The worldwide wedding of your dreams is certainly achievable!


The real weddings and the stories from the brides featured on this blog alone showcase how straight forward getting married abroad can be. Many brides even say that it is less stressful getting hitched on a faraway shore than having a big white wedding back home and a wedding planner can definitely help you to have your day your way.


So if you’re planning on getting married abroad and you can’t decide whether you need to hire a destination wedding planner or not, this week’s Friday Five is here to help with the top five reasons to hire a destination wedding planner!


Five Reasons To Hire A Destination Wedding Planner



Local knowledge


A great wedding planner is the person in the know when it comes to weddings in your chosen region. They have already done all the research so you don’t have to, leaving you with more time to enjoy the more pleasant elements of wedding planning (like champagne tasting…more champagne tasting…maybe a little more champagne tasting?!).


They are experts about your location, they know the lay of the land, they know all of the venues, the different options available to you, they know what works at the different venues, what to do at the venue if there is a weather issue, they know the staff and they also know local suppliers (and the best ones at that!), how to get the most bang for your buck by negotiating the best deals, what should and shouldn’t be in a contract and how to bring together all of the elements of your big day. Oh, and plenty more besides this!


A local wedding planner will also be able to share wisdom with you that you might not be able to find online. For example, although the average weather temperatures and rainfall charts online are accurate, someone who lives locally can give you a much clearer indication to specifics on weather changes. June in Ibiza is a great (and very popular) time to get married, however the first two weeks of June can still see a little rain and so choosing a date as close to July as possible will ensure you have a rain free day – this is only the difference of a couple of weeks. Detailed regional information such as this can be really beneficial.


Local expertise such as knowing when the sunsets (an important factor for the timings of your day), being aware of the best time to have your wedding breakfast to avoid the food wilting from the heat of the sun, and most importantly being an expert at navigating the legal process of getting married abroad in your chosen country and the documentation needed for your wedding, is all part of a wedding planners job too.


Their wisdom of the best local restaurants, must-visit regional attractions and other valuable insider information can add special touches to your visit for you and your guests.


Five Reasons To Hire A Destination Wedding Planner



Language barrier and time difference


Depending on where you plan to get married you might find that the language barrier can be an issue when planning a wedding yourself. A wedding planner based in the country where you wish to tie the knot will most likely speak the local language and English too, bridging the gap and successfully being able to translate your desires to your suppliers.


There may only be an hours time difference if you live in the UK and you’re planning a wedding in Spain, however if you have your heart set on a sleek New York City soiree or can’t resist the idea of feeling Balinese sand between your toes as you say “I Do” then time zones might add extra pressures. Having a wedding planner as your one email point of contact rather than juggling emails from numerous suppliers, with an 8 hour time difference will not only be time effective but a lot less stressful too.


Five Reasons To Hire A Destination Wedding Planner



Practice makes perfect


This point is especially for all of you that have a little (or a large) OCD streak! I think it’s quite possible that we all have a least some OCD in us?! Either way, you have to relinquish the control if you’re getting married abroad, you simply can’t be in charge of everything when you are not there to oversee it. This is a good thing honestly! Put your trust in your wedding planner, as they say ‘practice makes perfect’ and your planner has no-doubt organized hundreds of weddings before yours, so appreciate the value of their professional knowledge and experience and let them take the lead.


This brings me on to the fact that a wedding planner can also help to bring your creative vision to life. A good planner will believe that all ideas (within reason of course!) are possible and will try and help you to achieve your dream. So if you have some fantastic ideas for your special day, talk them through with your planner to see if she knows someone at your destination that can help bring things to life for you.


On the other hand if creativity is not your strongest point then they will also be happy to take control, make suggestions and showcase ideas that have worked well in the past, as they will have an abundance of previous weddings to show you.


Five Reasons To Hire A Destination Wedding Planner



Less stressful


Weddings can be stressful – fact! There’s no denying it! And having someone to shoulder the burden and to take the reigns when it comes to the logistics can honestly be priceless.


Having a good wedding planner (fairy godmother!) can ease a lot of tension when it comes to decision making and keeping your family involved in the wedding too. With a destination wedding most of the options are sent to you via email or showcased online, ensuring that choosing your floral options, cake style and all the minute details is a smooth and painless process. You can simply email or print out the options you have selected and show these to your nearest and dearest too rather than involving everyone with every small decision or inviting one and all to every vendor meeting – simple, straight forward and stress free!


Five Reasons To Hire A Destination Wedding Planner



Less time consuming


Most of us lead busy lives and are increasingly time poor these days, and arranging a wedding is a full time job (on top of your full time job!). Having someone on hand who already has all of the local knowledge, that can show you the venues that best match your criteria, can send you a list of the best regional suppliers you require, as well as keeping on top of your wedding checklist, help you stick to your budget and more (the list could go on!), means that you don’t have to spend hours trawling the internet for these finds yourself.


Your wedding planner is a professional consultant and organization should be their middle name; they will certainly do a lot of the legwork for you which leaves you free to focus on your enjoying yourself in the run up to the event, when you arrive at your destination and come the actual wedding day – getting married is meant to be fun and the happiest time of your life after all!


Five Reasons To Hire A Destination Wedding Planner


If you do decide that a wedding planner is the way forward do ensure that you get them involved from the off; make the decision to use a planner and stick to it. It’s much better than getting halfway through the process of doing everything yourself and then desperately seeking help when things become to much or you meet a real stumbling block as his might result in you choosing a planner on the back of a knee jerk reaction without the time to research them thoroughly enough.


Hiring the right planner is essential. You need to feel comfortable with this person, as you will be spending a lot of time with them albeit mostly over email to begin with, you also should make sure that they fit with your personality, vision and your wedding style, that you trust them and that you have the right synergy.


Five Reason To Hire A Destination Wedding Planner

Images: Anna Roussos via You Mean The World To Me



Phew – there are a lot of pretty good reasons for hiring a destination-wedding planner!

What are you thoughts? Will you be hiring some help or will you be flying solo with your big day preparations?



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