Friday Five – Destination Wedding Tips For Looking After Your Guests

18/04/2014 |

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It’s Good Friday! And what a sunshiny Friday it is too – yeay!

With that in mind, this week’s Friday Five is all about looking after your wedding guests if you’re jetting off for your destination wedding day in the sunshine. These simple destination wedding tips will ensure you plan your big day with your guests comfort in mind.


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Be our guest


If you’re getting married abroad, let your guests know how formal or informal to dress for your special day by putting a dress code or a hint towards the level of formality you expect in the wedding invitation.


Be sure to inform your guests within your invitation as to where the wedding will be held too. If you’re saying ‘I Do’ on the beach let your guests know that they might be best in bare feet during the ceremony rather than their high heels or inform your guests if you’re tying the knot in a church so that people know what to wear.


You could go one step further and have flip-flops at your beach altar as wedding favours. Take a look at this destination wedding favour feature for more unique ideas if you’re getting married abroad.


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Consider the timings of your destination day with your own and your guest’s comfort in mind. For an outdoor ceremony, it is best to avoid the midday sun otherwise you’ll all melt! 3pm onwards is a popular time of day to get married abroad.


You need to think about the time of the sunset too – do you want to have your wedding breakfast and/or the speeches before the sunsets? Eating as the sun is going down will ensure that it is a cooler part of the day and that your food doesn’t wilt in the warmth!  Keep these timings in mind and discuss with your hotel wedding coordinator or wedding planner as they will have experience of what works best at your destination wedding location.


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Come rain or shine


You might have chosen the perfect time of year to have your destination day in the sunshine, but never day never! Pre-discuss with your wedding planner or venue as to what happens if it does rain or if there is an alternative to eating outside in the garden without shade if it is too hot. Also consider the wind if you are getting married at a coastal location; think about your hairstyle, as well as order of service sheets etc that could get blown away at your ceremony if it might be breezy.


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Drinky poos


If you are getting married abroad somewhere hot, you need to ensure your guests stay hydrated with water. Have your groomsmen hand out small bottles of water at your ceremony or straight after and be sure to have plenty of water available during the wedding breakfast and throughout the entire day.


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Slim shady


Ensure there is ample shade for your guests. You might be able to handle the heat but some of your guests will not be as comfortable. Parasols are a great feature in photographs at weddings and will keep your nearest and dearest cool. Try and ensure that there is some shady areas where you will have your drinks and canapes, where your wedding breakfast takes place and for the speeches, so that everyone can keep cool.


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Images: Gypsy Westwood via You Mean The World To Me 


Hope you have a lovely long Easter weekend and here’s to blue skies and sunshine wherever you are!