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24/10/2014 |

Getting Married Abroad Blog

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One of the major benefits of getting married abroad is that you get to enjoy an extended stay with your nearest and dearest, and the value of having all of your loved ones together in one place (let alone an amazing setting!) is truly priceless.


However your Aunty Agatha and Uncle Derek might not know your hubby’s parent’s best friends, or possibly your Uni mates might not have had the chance to meet your work friends before and although everyone will appreciate their personal space to enjoy the holiday in their own way and in their own time, it is a really great idea for the bride and groom to pre-plan some get-togethers and activities that will give everyone a chance to get to know one another.


With this in mind, this week’s Friday Five brings you five fabulous destination wedding activities for guests that are guaranteed to bring your group together.


Getting Married Abroad Blog

Getting Married Abroad Blog

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Warm welcome


You’ve just put your bags down in the hotel after a taxi ride from the airport, a flight and a journey to the airport at the other end, all after rushing around last minute finishing work and packing. Phew! Now you’re definitely feeling ready to get your wedding guest on and get this party started.


You then find out/remember/read on the pre-sent itinerary from the nearly-weds, that the thoughtful bride and groom-to-be have arranged welcome drinks. What a perfect way to start the holiday – this is going to be your sort of wedding!


Small touches like arranging welcome drinks will make a lasting impression and could be just what your friends and family need after a busy week at work and travelling to your destination. It gives the group a chance to unwind, relax and get into the groove, as well as the opportunity to break the ice and put faces to names before the wedding day itself.


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All aboard


Riding the waves of the high seas would be an adventurous way to bring your group closer together. Okay, so maybe something a little more gentle like a boat trip to a neighbouring island or a snorkeling excursion would suit, but with all of the surrounding beauty be sure to show off your lovely locale to your guests by planning in some day trips.


If you feel like going all-out, hire some small fishing boats to take you on a private tour to a nearby secluded beach or if budget is not an issue charter a boat from your hotel or through a local agent and lavish your guests with a day of luxury out on the ocean.







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 Lawn games


From giant Jenga to bowls, from croquet to badminton, lawn games can be a fun-filled way to bring your guests together and keep them entertained during your wedding day.


If this all sounds a little too energetic for your special day, why not gather everybody together the day after your wedding for some pool antics? This is the perfect way to shake off a hangover and if you have a private villa or are lucky enough to have exclusive use of your wedding hotel and you have a pool or gardens all to yourselves, you can go to town with entertaining pool or lawn games for everyone to enjoy.


Pick teams and have some friendly competition against one another –maybe each loosing team member has to buy one person from the winning team a drink later that evening as a prize!


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Getting Married Abroad

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Light up the night sky


This is more of a sentimental idea that will give your nearest and dearest a magical moment together that they will treasure forever!


Letting off lanterns on your wedding evening creates a fairytale finish to your day. Purchase one lantern per guest along with some giant marker pens for your loved ones to scribble well wishes on the lanterns before lighting them. Gather your group together and cheer as each lantern leaves for the sky. Keep close together and watch all of your lit lanterns soar into the sky until they are simply tiny dots in between the stars.


Make sure you ask for permission from your venue and pick up the biodegradable type of lanterns. If you can, have someone from the venue or wedding planning team to organize the lanterns and help with lighting them as you and your guests may have had a few champers by this point and it is safer to have the lanterns lit and let off by a professional or part of the planning team.


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 Thank you party


Although there might be a few sore heads the morning after your wedding, spirits will be high and everyone will jump at the chance to gather back together and discuss the fun and the frolics of the day before.


Plan a late lunch, a BBQ or a hog roast to revive everyone from the night before or choose a little local venue for everyone to meet up in or hire a bar for a night after party and thank you drinks. As the bride and groom you will also feel like you can let your hair down a little more on this night too!


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Top tip!

Remember that although you have planned a destination wedding and you are sincerely grateful to your guests for making the trip, you don’t need to totally blow your budget on paying for tons of extras throughout your time together abroad.


A small thank you gesture will be greatly received, so maybe pre-purchase some bottles of delicious local wine to have on ice at your welcome drinks or if you’re having a party the night after your wedding day, put some money behind the bar for some free drinks as a way of thanking all of your guests for coming and for making your wedding so special. Boat trips or days out can be optional extras for guests to pay for themselves if they choose to come along.



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  1. Such fun ideas here! And you’re last point is key: it’s nice to have some sort of thank you, but you don’t have to pay for every last thing.

  2. These are great and fun ideas! Itty bits of gratitude definitely go a long way. 🙂