Engagement Shoot – Down On One Knee In Dubai

24/05/2013 |

Charlie et Jono (13)

Charlie & Jono   ♥   Dubai, UAE

Photographer:   BlueCicada Photography 


Don’t you just love engagement shoots? Being newly engaged is such a special time in your life. You are overwhelmed with excitement from the recent proposal whilst enjoying the whirlwind of starting to plan your wedding. An engagement shoot captures your happiness at this magical time, creating memories that you will treasure forever.


Having the Dubai cityscape as a backdrop for your engagement shoot is on another level though! What a great memento for Charlie and Jono of their life together in the fantastic city of Dubai.


Charlie says:

“In true Dubai-style, Jono proposed to me post-brunch, which means post-all-you-can-drink-champagne, so we weren’t in the best state! Luckily he’d been prepared for a couple of months with a ring that he’d had made to include a diamond that was in my Grandmother’s engagement ring – good boy! Not sure how him and my Mum managed to keep that one secret from nosy me though!”


“As soon as I told my friend Caroline (who is a photographer – BlueCicada Photography) that we were engaged, she immediately offered to do an engagement shoot for us. We were both slightly unsure what to expect, and a little apprehensive, but it didn’t take long before we were getting right into it, with Caroline’s relaxed and fun approach to the shoot.”


You Mean The World To Me Dubai

You Mean The World To Me Dubai

Charlie et Jono (17)


“We’d lived together in Dubai for a couple of years by this point, so Caroline suggested that we shoot in the Old Town area where we live which has a real Arabic flavour, as well as near the iconic building of Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest tower). Caroline was in the zone, snapping away, switching lenses, climbing on benches etc to get the perfect angle, while we had some hilarious conversations and a great time!”

“When Caroline showed us the photos, we loved the contrast between the more rustic ones in the souq, and the ones by the Burj. Needless to say, we immediately put some in frames – choosing which ones to blow up was the most difficult part of the whole experience!”


You Mean The World To Me Dubai

Charlie et Jono (20)


BlueCicada Photography

Caroline says:

“Charlie and Jono’s engagement session was my wedding gift to them. I had met them in Dubai, when they moved there and as I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it to their wedding which was going to be held back in the UK, I wanted to give them something special.”


“They live near the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa and downtown Dubai is an area that combines the charm of Arabic architecture and the grandeur of the modern buildings of recent years.”


“I approached the shoot the same way I approach all my other shoots. I get to know the people first and adapt to their personality and connections. In this case, it was easier as I already knew Charlie and Jono and I know they are up for fun stuff, so I could ‘push’ the boundaries a little more than I usually would, although I know now that anyone is up for a little something different after they get comfortable during the shoot. We chose the streets of Downtown Dubai instead of the beach as a lot of portrait sessions are taken at the beach, so we wanted something a little different.”


Charlie et Jono (1)

Charlie et Jono (10)

Charlie et Jono (9)

Images: BlueCicada Photography via You Mean The World To Me


The impressive architecture of Dubai – old and new – created a story for each one of the photos. A truly relaxed atmosphere was captured as a result of Charlie and Jono having real fun on their engagement shoot. 


Anyone else got a sudden desire to book a long weekend in Dubai?! xx