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Getting Married In Cyprus


If you are thinking about getting married in Cyprus then this Destination Wedding Guide is a great place to start! And who could be better than the Cyprus destination wedding expert Matthew Oliver of A Beautiful Cyprus Wedding to bring you all of the inspiration and information you need to start planning your big day in the sunshine haven of Cyprus?



A Beautiful Cyprus Wedding:

There is so much to love about the beautiful island of Cyprus. If I were to get married there I would embrace the culture and traditions by having a lovely local Cypriot themed wedding! I would get married at a traditional town hall ceremony and then hire out a beautiful taverna for the evening. Each venue would be decorated with loads of fresh blooms and I would have wooden chairs and tables to complement the venues and rustic design style.


How To Get Married In Cyprus


There is so much that can be achieved for a wedding in Cyprus, but be sure to speak to and listen to the advice of your chosen venue as they will know what will work best as each venue is very different from the other, for example you ideally don’t want to have a modern themed wedding at a rustic town hall! I would definitely suggest visiting Cyprus before your wedding, so that you can see the variety on offer and get more of an idea of what can be achieved to match your style; I always say a wedding should be based on the couples personality!


Getting Married In Cyprus



Legal requirements

Anyone can marry in Cyprus, along as they’re in Cyprus for at least 3 days prior to the wedding and that they’ve been to the local municipality to register their marriage and sign the declaration. They also need to have all the right documents, and each nationality has a different procedure. Couples are allowed to have civil ceremonies, blessings, humanist services and Anglican and Catholic. Unless you’re Greek you can’t have a Greek Orthodox wedding.


You will need to have the following original documents (photocopies are not accepted). Failure to provide these original documents would result in your wedding being cancelled:


UK citizens

  • Birth certificates.
  • Adoption certificates (if applicable).
  • Passports (Full 10 year passports with at least 3 months remaining following your return date).
  • A sworn affidavit signed by a Solicitor or Notary Public, indicating you are single and free to be married. This must have an official stamp and be valid for 3 – 6 months. It is best obtained 8 to 12 weeks before your wedding date. Please send a copy of this to us as soon as you have it so we can check it over and put your mind at rest.
    Important: Please make sure that the document carries the wording “Solicitor” or “Notary Public”. If it is on headed company paper, the header must carry the wording “Solicitor” or “Notary Public”. The stamp itself must also state the word “Solicitor” or “Notary Public”. Without this the document will not be accepted.
  • Scottish and Welsh citizens may also obtain a “Certificate of No Impediment” from the District Registrar.
  • Decree absolute (in the case of divorced individuals).
  • Death certificate (only in the case of widows or widowers).
  • Change of name records should this apply (these must be stamped by a solicitor.)
  • At least one Baptism Certificate will be required for church weddings.


Getting Married In Cyprus

How To Get Married In Cyprus


Non-UK citizens

  • If you are from a country other than the United Kingdom it may be necessary for you to have your papers stamped by various ministries in your own country. Each country has different regulations and different departments dealing with these matters. You may need an Apostille Seal, please telephone your embassy in order to find out where to obtain this special seal. After your wedding, you may also be required to visit your country’s embassy and the Ministry of Justice here in Cyprus in order to have the papers stamped with the Apostille Seal. Therefore, it would be best to have at least 3 to 4 days after your wedding to obtain these stamps and papers.


  • Irish passport holders will need a “Certificat de Coutume” obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ireland or the Irish Embassy in London. This certificate is valid for 120 days from the date of issue.



Religious ceremonies

Both Anglican and Catholic wedding services are allowed in Cyprus. The process is fairly simple with Anglican as you need all the same documents as if you were having a civil ceremony and at least one Baptism certificate. You still need to go to the town hall to register and sign the declaration at least 3 days beforehand, once you’ve been you’ll be given a Form B which is a form to say you’re allowed to marry in Cyprus in Church. Once you have it you’ll need to go to the Anglican Church office! They would love you even more if they get your local priest to send a letter about yourselves, though it’s not needed.


Getting Married In Cyprus


For the Catholic service, the process is slightly more difficult, as well as the above you’ll need to have a civil ceremony in Cyprus before you can have your Catholic ceremony. Once you have your civil ceremony certificate you’re allowed to have your Catholic ceremony! There is no restriction when you have it, as long as it’s before. I suggest keeping it small and just have a couple of witnesses, so it doesn’t take away the beauty of your main event (if planned perfectly, I would have it the day before). Unlike the Anglican service, you’ll also need a pre-marital enquiry/freedom to marry paper (issued by the Church through your local priest) and your baptism records. These must be sent from your local Priest to your Regional Bishop, who, upon receipt of these items, will forward them on to a Nicosia address.


How To Get Married In Cyprus



Wedding venues

There are a vast number of choices of where you can marry – too many amazing ones to choose from actually! There is a great variety ranging from town halls, hotels, villas, churches, yachts, beaches and old ruins to name just a few, however you can tie the knot pretty much anywhere on the island.


Five of my favourite venues are:


  • Almyra – A luxury 5 star seafront hotel in Paphos.


Getting Married In Cyprus

Getting Married In Cyprus 1 Images: via Almyra Weddings


  • Annabelle – A luxury 5 star hotel on Paphos’ Mediterranean sea front.


  • Grecian Park Hotel – A luxury Protaras hotel situated adjacent to the National Park of Cape Greco with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.


  • Vasilias Nikoklis Inn – A small, traditional and family owned Cyprus inn on the west bank of the Dhiarizos river with views up the valley to the Troodos mountains and down the valley to the sea.


How To Get Married In Cyprus 1

How To Get Married In Cyprus

Images: via Vasilias Weddings


  • Peyia Town Hall – A traditional, picturesque village Town Hall only a short drive away from Paphos.



Getting there

There are two main airports in Cyprus – Larnaca on the east coast covering Protaras, Ayia Napa and Nicasia and then Paphos on the west coast covering of course Paphos, Coral Bay, Polis and Latchi.




Cyprus is a fairly large island so there is something for everyone in terms of resorts: from couples to families to club goers. The two main regions are the resorts surrounding Paphos on the west coast and then Ayia Napa on the east coast. Both are extremely popular areas and are very different from each other. It can feel like a different island altogether when you go from one side to the other. You should look into where on the island you plan to get married before recommending nearby resorts and hotels for your guests to stay.




Out of the main summer holiday season is the best time to marry in Cyprus – April, May, September and October – not only because it is outside of the school holidays but also as the weather is more durable too, pleasant and not too harsh! July and August can reach 40 degrees, which can be unbearably hot for a wedding. Winter weddings are allowed and are becoming increasingly popular; the weather is not guaranteed but the prices are far less.




You can get married Monday through to Friday and you can request a Saturday wedding if preferred for a civil wedding. If you’re having a religious ceremony there are particular days for each of the choices of churches.


Civil weddings at town halls can start from as early as 10.30am and finish at 1.30pm, all other wedding cermonies can be conducted up until 6pm.

Town hall weddings are no extra charge, unless you request an afternoon ceremony. All other weddings outside of the town hall are charged at a different fee and are also subject to availability.



Wedding traditions

Greek dancers are the main entertainers for Greek weddings and are becoming increasingly popular with all weddings. They’re great because they create an atmosphere and get all of your guests up dancing, not to mention they play Zorba the Greek – it gets me up every time I hear it, regardless of how many times I’ve heard it before! Also I would totally look at traditional Greek acoustic bands as this will be great for background music and for setting the scene if you’re creating a taste of Cyprus wedding.


How To Get Married In Cyprus


A traditional Greek meze is a collection of various dishes coming out throughout the course of the evening and literally not stopping till you’re too full to have anymore! It’s a more personal and different way to celebrate a ‘wedding breakfast’ as it’s more interactive than your average sit down meal. Everyone digs in and passes the food around the table whilst the waitstaff come out with the next course, served with tasty local wine it certainly makes a great wedding meal.



Top tips!


  • Don’t feel you need to follow all other Cyprus weddings, whatever you want to create can be created, stay true to yourself and be personal!


  • Don’t worry about your dress getting creased whilst transporting it to Cyprus as there is an amazing steamer who can come to your hotel/accommodation and steam the creases out.


  • If you can, I think it’s highly recommended to visit Cyprus before the wedding and visit venues and suppliers and get a feel for whats available.


  • Be adventurous when you are here and leave your accommodation and visit some of the great places around Cyprus – take an adventure around the island whilst on your visit because it’s truly beautiful. One of my particular favourite locations in Cyprus is the Troodos Mountains, a vast mountain range in the centre of the island and climbing to 1952 metres in height.


Getting Married In Cyprus


  • Hiring a planner is highly recommended so that everything can be coordinated and organised perfectly, especially your legal documents.


  • Cyprus holds many wonderful and amazing suppliers so don’t be frightened to hire them!


  • Most weddings in Cyprus use chair covers, personally I hate them and I think they spoil the scene of a wedding, so just make sure to say no if you want to!!


  • Most couples deal with wedding packages which can be good, but with the help of a good wedding planner you can do it all independently. I’m one of the only bespoke planners creating services based on your preferences and personality – I honestly think packages are impersonal, even if they look great, so don’t be afraid to look beyond the traditional wedding packages and create the destination day of your dreams.


Getting Married In Cyprus

Images: all via A Beautiful Cyprus Wedding unless stated.


Has this Destination Wedding Guide tempted you to get married in Cyprus?

Thank you to the marvellous Matthew Oliver over at A Beautiful Cyprus Wedding for this detailed big day information.



Please Note:

Destination Wedding Guides are meant as just that – a guide to getting started with your destination wedding planning. Please always consult an official or expert in the country you wish to marry, to ensure you have the correct and up-to-date legal paperwork requirements, especially for a legally binding wedding ceremony. We would always recommend using a reputable wedding planner (such as A Beautiful Cyprus Wedding) who can fully assist you in such processes.



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