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If you are looking to get married abroad and are wanting to find somewhere a little bit different and off the beaten wedding track, then a destination day in heavenly Hungary could be the location for you!


And who could be better to bring you all of the inspiration and information you need to for getting married in Hungary than the talented team of wedding planning experts at Hungarian Weddings? So, if you’re looking for information on how to get married in Hungary, look no further! This destination wedding guide to getting married in Hungary has all the details you need…



Hungarian Weddings:

Couples who choose Hungary as their wedding country all have on thing in common: they want to show-off Hungary to their wedding guests!

One of the most popular places and wedding styles to have is a luxury wedding in the beautiful, bustling city of Budapest. For this, couples choose a five-star downtown hotel as their wedding venue, with classic and modern styles to choose from, most of which overlook the darling Danube.




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The other well-liked choice is to have an authentic Hungarian countryside wedding. Here you can find thatched roofed buildings with red geraniums in the windows, incredible horse-shows (the so-called csárda and tanya – Hungarian ranches – are typical on the Great Plain) and lots of delicious Hungarian food.


The always-popular small castles are also loved by couples planning their nuptials in Hungary, but our new highlighted wedding venue ‘Wedding Garden Budapest’ has gone to the top of the wedding trend list!


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Wedding ceremonies


Civil wedding ceremony

In Hungary the legally binding wedding is the civil wedding. Foreign citizens can get legally married in Hungary, however bureaucracy and the time and effort it takes for the required paperwork often deters couples coming from abroad.


Therefore, most couples looking to have their destination wedding in Hungary have the legal civil ceremony at home first to complete the necessary paperwork and then they treat their ceremony in Hungary as their actual wedding day.


Symbolic wedding ceremony

The symbolic wedding ceremony has a similar feeling to a civil ceremony and is held by a ceremony keeper, however as previously mentioned this is not legally binding. It is very popular due to the impracticalities of being able to meet the requirements of an official civil marriage.


A symbolic wedding ceremony can be customized as per your wishes and such kind of wedding ceremonies can take place almost anywhere and anytime.


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Religious church ceremonies

You can have bilingual Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Reformated and some other smaller church‘s ceremonies in Hungary. Rules are in accordance with the rules of the given Church – your wedding planners will provide all information you need. Let us know your requirement, and we will check out the opportunities.


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Roman Catholic Church wedding

In Hungary, the majority of the population is Roman Catholic so this is the most frequently seen church ceremony. In larger cities a bilingual church ceremony is possible. If this is not available couples can rent an interpreter – the priests are flexible in cooperation with them.


In the Roman Catholic Church, marriage is one of the seven sacraments, so they have strict rules that you must comply with.

You will need to introduce your baptism certificate, your ID and a verification of your permanent address. On the basis of your permanent address, the competent church in your country will need to issue a so-called ‘dismissal letter’, in which they agree in you having your wedding ceremony in another church.

In addition, you have to execute the obligatory pre-marital course. If you don’t live in Hungary, you will need to find a Roman Catholic Church in your country, who delivers these lectures.


If only one of the parties is Roman Catholic, the Roman Catholic marriage can still be entered, but the non-Roman Catholic party must undersign a declaration that they will raise their children in Roman Catholic spirit.


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Protestant and Anglican Church wedding

The second biggest religion in Hungary is Protestant. In Protestant churches, the rules are less strict than in the Roman Catholic Church, however they ‘just’ bless the legal marriage entered before the church ceremony.


The Anglican Church also represents itself in Hungary, having a church in Budapest. They also undertake to hold wedding ceremonies in other protestant churches, which usually can be ‘rented’ for this purpose.


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The Hungarian state doesn’t acknowledges marriages entered in the frame of a church ceremony, so if you only have a church ceremony, it has no legal effect in accordance with the laws of Hungary, as previously mentioned you must legally marry at a civil ceremony in your home country beforehand.


Whatever ceremony you choose, your wedding planner will be able to help you through the preparation and assist you further with the documentation needed and the process.



Wedding locations

Hungary has hundreds of extraordinary venues and wedding locations available, perfect for your wedding ceremony and/or reception. Some of the most popular areas are listed below:


  • Romantic wedding in Buda Castle, Budapest

Feel like a princess by tying the knot in the beautiful, elegant, historic surroundings of Buda Castle. The building is the part of the Bastion and is a UNESCO site. It looks like a separate small fairy-tale castle and has magnificent views over the city and the River Danube. A civil or symbolic ceremony can be organised on the terraces or under the archway – ideal also for small weddings.


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  • Five-star luxury experience, Budapest

Say ‘I Do’ in a five-star hotel on the banks of the River Danube with amazing view to the Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge at night. We cannot imagine a more romantic background for your wedding party than in the hotel’s ballroom and the wonderful outdoor terraces – modern, elegant and spectacular.


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  • Wedding Garden Budapest

This special wedding venue is available exclusively through Hungarian Weddings. It is located in the heart of Budapest, Óbudai (or Hajógyári) island, which can be accessed easily by several ways: car, public transport or even by boat on River Danube!


Wedding Garden Budapest is ideal for weddings for larger wedding parties (or even more with the addition of an extra tent). The ceremony can be held on the green on the golf course! The wedding dinner and the party can take place in the white wooden-framed circle-shaped tent, with seating at round tables. The tent sidewalls can be rolled up in good weather so that you will feel like you are eating in the middle of a well-cared for golf course surrounded by trees and the darling Danube.


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  • River Danube boat wedding

This option maybe the most special one, especially for guests coming from another country. Just imagine Budapest by night and your wedding ceremony taking place on a boat surrounded by the beautiful buildings of Budapest downtown and the cities twinkling lights.


  • Castles and mansions near to Budapest

You can enjoy the traditional Hungarian feeling in an elegant environment in mansion’s built at the end of the 19th century. A small lake, old trees, horses and a small wellness area can be found and the wedding ceremony, reception and the accommodation can all take place here.




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  • Traditional countryside wedding

You can experience the heartfelt Hungarian
hospitality at an authentic, traditional venue in the countryside, only a one-hour drive from Budapest airport. Thatched-roofed houses, red geraniums, horse- show, traditional cuisine, gypsy
music, folk dance are also the essentials of this style.


You can arrive at your outdoor ceremony or the horse-show on a horse-carriage too, if you want to be even more authentic. This romantic environment will be perfect and really unique for foreign guests.


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The most authentic music is folk music and gypsy music, but there are a lot of talented party-bands that play international hits too. For the ceremony, live music (violin, harp, cello, guitar, etc.) can also be booked. A good folk dance show also can be added to your reception entertainment. At the suitable locations, world-famous Hungarian horse-shows are also the part of the wedding parties.


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Hungarian cuisine is famous across the world. All wedding venues can serve international wedding menus, however a traditional Hungarian wedding menu would consist of:


  • Cheese and crackling salty cake (pogacsa)
  • Homemade chicken soup
  • Beef, pork, lamb or deer stew
  • Mixed plate of BBQ roasted and grilled meats, breaded meats and vegetables
  • World-famous wines, local and import beers, PÁLINKA (the well-know strong Hungarian spirit – traditionally served as a welcome drink)


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The wedding cake arrives at around 10pm and then the couple ‘dances for money’ which is the occasion to hand over your wedding gift (typically a present or a financial contribution to the costs of starting a new life together).


At midnight the couple change their clothes (traditionally the outfit colour is red or burgundy). At the same time the midnight menu is also served with stuffed cabbage, roasted meats and fresh salads. After which, the dancing continues until dawn.


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The wedding high season is between April and September, with the busiest wedding month being August. July and August are the hottest months of the year.


Other tourist high seasons with higher hotel prices are Easter, Pentecost, Formula1, 1st May (International Labor Day) and 20th August (Saint Stephen Fest).


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  • Budapest (lots of sightseeing)
  • A River Danube boat trip
  • A trip to Lake Balaton
  • Wine tasting – there are several wine regions in the country
  • A visit to the thermal baths in Budapest or in the countryside


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Has this Destination Wedding Guide tempted you to say ‘I do’ in Hungary?

Thank you to the wedding planning experts over at Hungarian Weddings for this detailed big day information.



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Please Note:

Destination Wedding Guides are meant as just that – a guide to getting started with your destination wedding planning. Please always consult an official or expert (such as a wedding planner Hungarian Weddings) in the country you wish to marry, to ensure you have the correct and up-to-date legal paperwork requirements, especially for a legally binding wedding ceremony. We would always recommend using a reputable wedding planner who can fully assist you in such processes.