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You Mean The World To Me


Every month there is a feature on the blog called Ask The Experts, where professionals from within the wedding industry are invited to write a guest blog post with the aim of bringing you excellent insider information and top wedding tips, along with sharing their wealth of expertise.


This led me to thinking, who would be better to ask for priceless wedding advice than wedding bloggers? The very people who are living and breathing wedding pretty everyday, the talented teams that know weddings inside and out, and who help to bring new ideas, style and personality to nuptials all over the world.


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Images: Gypsy Westwood via You Mean The World To Me 


So I asked the wonderful wedding blogging community to share their top tips on any aspect of planning a wedding to help and guide all brides-to-be…and here is the result! Personal perspectives and knowledgeable advice from the lovely ladies who really are in the know…



Krisstin – Editor of On The Go Bride


“My best advice to anyone planning a wedding is hire a wedding planner.”

“If you want to forgo a wedding planner, at the very least hire a day-of-coordinator.

These professionals know how to handle the unexpected situations to help your day run smoothly and stress free.

I realized just how important these professionals were after my wedding. It was at the end of July when an unexpected hail storm occurred flooding our reception tent.

My day of coordinator handled everything and I had no idea the tent had even flooded.

She kept me out of the loop (in a good way) and took care of all the major hiccups so that by the time the ceremony was over we could all enjoy the reception worry free.”


Lauren – Editor of My Hotel Wedding


“If you’re flexible, you can often work with your hotel or other wedding venue to negotiate a better deal.”

“Don’t come asking for discounts just because. Instead be open to the different options that are available to you.

For example, you can save on rental costs by hosting your wedding on a Friday, Sunday or weeknight.

Serve a 3 course instead of a 4 course menu and see if they’ll lower the price. Another option is to book your wedding short term.

When you call, ask the Wedding Specialist if there are last minute dates they’re looking to fill or if they have a slow seasons.

When you’re open to working with your venue, you’ll be guaranteed to get a better deal.”



Esther – Editor of Belle & Chic

 Foto-Esther-2“Keep an open mind when it comes to choosing your dress.”

“Very early on in my ‘quest for a dress’, I fell in love with a design that soon after seeing it in the store wasn’t available anymore. Instead of looking a little more, I got completely fixated on that one dress.

One month before the wedding, and two failed replica attempts later, I finally gave in and went on a shopping marathon, literally trying on ’50 dresses’…. and I was finally having a good time!

I ended up with a design that was totally different from what I had envisioned, but I felt like a princess.


So my advice is not to obsess over something that might turn out to be unreachable. When you see gown on Pinterest that is only available on another continent… keep an open mind.

Go to the stores in your area, and try on as many dresses as you can, you’ll be surprised at what you might find!”


Emily and Jess – Editors of Bespoke Bride

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 21.58.28

“When planning your try not to be too influenced by what you see in magazines, on blogs or Pinterest.”


“In the end your wedding isn’t about flowers, dresses and decor it is about two people sharing their commitment surrounded by lots of wonderful family members and friends.”






Lisa – Professional Bride and Editor of 2People1Life 

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 22.05.01“As a bride that has gotten ‘married’ 66 times (to the same man) my biggest piece of advice HAS to be to make YOUR wedding YOUR day!”

“Do what YOU and your other half want to do! So many friends and family will want to give you their advice, their help, offer their services and of course their opinions on your decisions.

No matter how easy it would be just to accept Aunty Barbs offer of a baby pink, hand stitched, diamante encrusted veil even though your dream colour scheme is orange, remember, it is YOUR day and politely decline.


You will either become a diplomat or a crazy thing trying to tie in everyones’ generous offers of help! Stick to your guns and make your special day about the things YOU love.

Having said all of that I do have to admit that absolutely none of it matters once you arrive at the side of your future husband, it all fades away and all you will see is his face and his love for you…so maybe rock the diamante veil…it’s YOUR call!


Storm – Editor of Confetti Daydreams

StormPhoto “Don’t under estimate the time, skill and hidden costs DIY projects require.”

“The DIY route is a really amazing way to put your own stamp on your wedding day and highly recommended for fun projects that can be created with your bridal party.

However, if time is limited, you don’t have a large bridal party or family members keen to assist,

or you’ve never modge-podged anything in your life, now is probably not the best time to start.


Be realistic with your expectations and always do a test MONTHS in advance of your special day so that you have time for a plan B.

Remember that a lot of great wedding planners and decor specialists will be very happy to bring your ideas to life for you.”


Danielle – Editor of Chic Brown Bride


“My piece of advice would be to enjoy this time, you only get married once (hopefully, lol).”


“You want to make sure to take a breather and know that you won’t get these moments back.

Also don’t be afraid to hire a qualified wedding planner..this person will be your right hand man during this whole process and take alot of stress off your hands.”






Gee – Editor of Knotsvilla


“Weddings can be stressful and under such stress, relationships can be strained.”

“They say weddings bring out both the best and the worst in people and from my experience I can agree with that fully.

So knowing this, I’d strongly advise couples to focus on growing their relationship and from time to time, put wedding planning on hold.

For a couple to only think of the wedding during planning would be short-sighted. Couples should try focusing on the actual marriage itself; the rest of their lives together when the wedding day is over.


Take a break once in a while and enjoy each others company, forget that frustrating DIY or that ridicoulsly expensive vendor just for a moment, and fall in love over again with your future spouse.

Not only would that break refresh your relationship but who knows, you could get even fresher ideas for the actual wedding planning. A beautiful wedding is great but a beautiful marriage is better.”


Kelly – Editor of Little Vegas Wedding 


“After you’ve made a decision, trust it and stick with it.”

“Stop purposely researching NEW ideas for that decision. ie. stay off Pinterest and stop second guessing yourself!

If you are having trouble, a book I read once framed decisions as, ‘Will this decision matter in 5 minutes, 5 months or 5 years?’ and if it’s something big, like what your vows are, focus on that instead of the little trends and details that probably won’t matter in 5 months, let alone 5 years.

Oh, and hire a great photographer. It’s an expense that will definitely impact your memories 5 years from now!”


Chelsea – Editor of Tidewater and Tulle

Chelsea LaVere - Headshot2

“Consider your wedding personality *before* booking your venue.”

“Find the one thing that makes your heart sing, the one thing that tells your wedding story.

If you’re a lover of all things rustic, a hotel ballroom may not tell your story the best. If you’re a classic bride or groom, then an industrial warehouse might not be your ideal setting.



No matter if your budget is small or large, if you choose the right venue for your wedding personality, it will make a lasting impression for not just you and your guests, but in your wedding album, too.”



Huge thanks to each one of these lovely ladies for sharing their expert advice and wedding top tips!



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