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Moss Bros SS14 Collection


You can’t beat seeing your man dressed up in a well-fitting suit, looking oh-so-dapper and James Bond-esque, and this is especially true on your wedding day of course.

There are so many tailoring trends out there now, offering a fantastic array of cuts, colours, fabrics and looks to suit any style. This amazing selection can also mean that your gorgeous groom feels a bit bamboozled, leaving him wondering where to start with such a vast variety of options.


Never fear, the experts are here!

Last week our friends at Moss Bros spoke to some of the most influential menswear experts and asked them to share their top tips for selecting a stylish suit.

This week, the menswear specialists at Moss Bros have put together a guide to buying the right suit – ensuring your groom selects a suit that not only does he love, but one that also perfectly fits him on the big day.

So ladies, please pass the info below onto your beau…




Choosing a cut:

Are you looking for a slim fit, thinking you’ll opt for tailored, or is regular more your style? If you’re not sure which cut to choose, this quick and easy guide will help you to determine what suits you (sir!).


Slim Fit Cut

Tailored Fit Cut

Regular Fit Cut




How to select a well-fitted suit:

Here’s a few tricks of the trade from the experts at Moss Bros to ensure that the suit that you love, fits you like it should.


Anatomy of a Suit




It’s all in the details:

It’s not just about the cut and colour, the finer details can make all the difference. Here’s some top tips for selecting the ultimate stylish suit…


Suit Tips

Suit Features



 Images: via Moss Bros


If you’re jetting off somewhere sunny for a destination wedding, remember to consider lightweight suit fabrics, light coloured suits that help to reflect the heat and ask in stores to see a selection of the ‘summer suits’ as they are designed with less lining inside to keep you cool. 


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