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Ask The Experts – Wedding Bloggers Share Their Top Tips

26/06/2014 | 11

You Mean The World To Me


Every month there is a feature on the blog called Ask The Experts, where professionals from within the wedding industry are invited to write a guest blog post with the aim of bringing you excellent insider information and top wedding tips, along with sharing their wealth of expertise.


This led me to thinking, who would be better to ask for priceless wedding advice than wedding bloggers? The very people who are living and breathing wedding pretty everyday, the talented teams that know weddings inside and out, and who help to bring new ideas, style and personality to nuptials all over the world.


You Mean The World To Me 1

Images: Gypsy Westwood via You Mean The World To Me 


So I asked the wonderful wedding blogging community to share their top tips on any aspect of planning a wedding to help and guide all brides-to-be…and here is the result! Personal perspectives and knowledgeable advice from the lovely ladies who really are in the know…



Krisstin – Editor of On The Go Bride


“My best advice to anyone planning a wedding is hire a wedding planner.”

“If you want to forgo a wedding planner, at the very least hire a day-of-coordinator.

These professionals know how to handle the unexpected situations to help your day run smoothly and stress free.

I realized just how important these professionals were after my wedding. It was at the end of July when an unexpected hail storm occurred flooding our reception tent.

My day of coordinator handled everything and I had no idea the tent had even flooded.

She kept me out of the loop (in a good way) and took care of all the major hiccups so that by the time the ceremony was over we could all enjoy the reception worry free.”


Lauren – Editor of My Hotel Wedding


“If you’re flexible, you can often work with your hotel or other wedding venue to negotiate a better deal.”

“Don’t come asking for discounts just because. Instead be open to the different options that are available to you.

For example, you can save on rental costs by hosting your wedding on a Friday, Sunday or weeknight.

Serve a 3 course instead of a 4 course menu and see if they’ll lower the price. Another option is to book your wedding short term.

When you call, ask the Wedding Specialist if there are last minute dates they’re looking to fill or if they have a slow seasons.

When you’re open to working with your venue, you’ll be guaranteed to get a better deal.”



Esther – Editor of Belle & Chic

 Foto-Esther-2“Keep an open mind when it comes to choosing your dress.”

“Very early on in my ‘quest for a dress’, I fell in love with a design that soon after seeing it in the store wasn’t available anymore. Instead of looking a little more, I got completely fixated on that one dress.

One month before the wedding, and two failed replica attempts later, I finally gave in and went on a shopping marathon, literally trying on ’50 dresses’…. and I was finally having a good time!

I ended up with a design that was totally different from what I had envisioned, but I felt like a princess.


So my advice is not to obsess over something that might turn out to be unreachable. When you see gown on Pinterest that is only available on another continent… keep an open mind.

Go to the stores in your area, and try on as many dresses as you can, you’ll be surprised at what you might find!”


Emily and Jess – Editors of Bespoke Bride

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 21.58.28

“When planning your try not to be too influenced by what you see in magazines, on blogs or Pinterest.”


“In the end your wedding isn’t about flowers, dresses and decor it is about two people sharing their commitment surrounded by lots of wonderful family members and friends.”






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Ask The Experts – How To Choose A Destination Wedding Photographer

05/06/2014 | 0

Alex and Lisa Riad El Fenn (70)


When you’re getting married abroad, knowledge is power as you’re stepping slightly into the unknown! So, wouldn’t it be great to get some expert advice and helpful hints from knowledgable peeps within the wedding industry? This is especially true when it comes to booking vendors for your destination wedding.


Bohemian weddings are on hand today with guidance on things to consider along with some top tips on how to choose a destination wedding photographer for your worldwide wedding…. 



Bohemian Weddings:

Put simply, destination weddings are beautiful…..there are so many pluses in having a ceremony in another country it would be difficult to acknowledge them all. You virtually get to pick your weather and location, from sunny beaches to Italian vineyards the choice really is yours. However planning a wedding in your ideal location, with the details you have in mind in another country can take some time and effort.


There is much to be done in terms of researching and contacting vendors so that you can really have your day the way you want it. The perfect location you have been dreaming about and spent hours researching is at least a plane ride away so you can’t necessarily meet all of the vendors involved face to face, so it is great that blogs such as You Mean The World To Me exist as it bridges the gap between you and inspirational trusted vendors.

Finding the right wedding photographer is actually pretty simple and choosing a destination photographer doesn’t have to be difficult either. Here’s our guide on how to choose a destination wedding photographer for your worldwide wedding….


Alex and Lisa Riad El Fenn (63)


First of all know that you have options. These options will vary dependant on two main factors that every couple getting married should consider before seeking out any vendors. Firstly how important your wedding photos are to you and secondly budget, preferably in that order. Everyone is different and that it is a good thing! So for me or anyone else to say that you should spend a certain percentage of your budget on a photographer is impossible. We don’t know what aspects are most important to you or what your budget is or your plan for the day.


This is the hard part….it is down to you as a couple to work out your budget and what elements are most important to you. Luckily there are options to suit all budgets so once you have had a real hard think about all aspects of your wedding, the allocated budget and what you feel is most important you can then start your search.



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Ask the Experts – How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer

29/05/2014 | 0

You Mean The World To Me


Whether you are having a wedding close to home or you’re getting married abroad, you will want to ensure that you choose the right wedding photographer for you and your wedding.


The perfect wedding photographer will suit your wedding needs, be the perfect style of photography that you were hoping for and of course fit within your budget…as well as deliver you with the most perfect pictures of your special day so that you can cherish the memories and remember all of the small details and magical moments for years afterwards. Phew! Not asking for a lot then?!


So, how do you go about choosing the right wedding photographer? Destination wedding photographer duo Bohemian Weddings are here to help today with a guest blog post with their top tips on how to choose the right wedding photographer….


You Mean The World To Me


Bohemian Weddings:

There are three simple things to bear in mind when looking for your perfect photographer. If you can match these three points then you will be happy, your photographer will be happy and your photos will ooze happiness.




Take time to really look at a number of photographer’s websites and wedding blogs. There are many styles and approaches, some you won’t like, some you will like and some you will love. When you come across ones you love really dig deep and go as far as the photographers about page. See how they describe their style….. reportage, candid, fine art, relaxed, bohemian, vintage…..there will be certain words you will see again and again. That is the style you love.


You Mean The World To Me

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Ask The Experts – Bespoke Engagement And Wedding Rings

14/04/2014 | 0

Getting Married Abroad Blog


It has become really important to many soon-to-be married couples to add unique elements to their wedding day in order to truly let their personality shine through at their special event.


Creating bespoke engagement and wedding rings is one way to give you a one of a kind design that is distinctive and personal to you as a couple and something you of course will treasure forever after the big day.    


The engagement and wedding ring experts from Wedding Rings Direct are on hand to give you some advice on creating bespoke rings and to share some exciting examples of designs that brides and grooms-to-be have conjured up themselves….


Wedding Rings Direct:

Adopting an individual style to your wedding day has become extremely popular over the last couple of years, which has come hand in hand with a trend towards bespoke engagement and wedding rings. Bespoke rings are a brilliant way of setting your wedding apart from any other one that has taken place. You might have a similar dress, venue and car to someone else, but nobody will ever have the same wedding ring as you if you opt for bespoke wedding rings. This is why so many couples are choosing unique rings, instead of opting for traditional rings.


Getting Married Abroad Blog


You would probably expect to pay celebrity wedding prices for such creative, modern and individual pieces of jewellery, but a lot of jewellers offer a free design; using your ideas to create something especially for you.

Bespoke rings can start from a sketch, picture or just an idea in your head which can then lead onto a design and the rings being handcrafted in the jeweller’s workshop. Bespoke can also be modifications on existing designs or amalgamating parts of different ring designs*. Some brides also require a shaped wedding ring to fit around their engagement ring for them both to sit perfectly next to each other; depending on the shape this can also be treated as a bespoke design.

You need to bear in mind that creating a bespoke design from start to finish may take a little longer than the non-bespoke route and you should always get a quote from the jeweller prior to them starting work on making the rings.


Below are some examples of bespoke rings:


  • This lovely customer wanted to frame their pretty vintage style engagement ring. As the cluster setting was quite large we needed to take some of the material away from the edge of the wedding band to make for a snug fit. The customer was keen to keep the vintage feel going so small diamonds were grain set along the edge to echo those along the engagement ring. This gave a really nice contrast and framed the ring perfectly.


Getting Married Abroad Blog

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Ask The Experts – How To Care For Your Engagement & Wedding Rings

18/03/2014 | 0

You Mean The World To Me


The experts at Wedding Rings Direct have been on hand over the last few months with their top tips with regard to choosing the perfect engagement and wedding rings.


This month’s post is slightly different as it focuses on how to keep your beloved engagement and wedding rings clean, sparkling like new and in tip top condition.


Wedding Rings Direct:

Your engagement and wedding rings can come into contact with all sorts of things, whilst you wear them with pride! This post is a helpful guide to taking good care of your precious rings.


You Mean The World To Me


We are often asked the question about cleaning your rings at home; the majority of precious metals can be cleaned using shop-bought jewellery cleaner or by soaking it in a warm and mild solution of soap and water. Just gently rub the ring with a soft cloth to dry.

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