2People1Life – Around The World In Real Weddings Part One

06/11/2013 |

1. Didsbury - Jonny Draper - jonnydraper.co.uk

Wedding 1 – Didsbury, UK

Image: Jonny Draper

You Mean The World To Me

If you have been following the lovely Lisa and Alex (aka – 2People1Life) as they wed their way around the world, you will already be familiar with their story and so you can simply enjoy the photo update of their worldwide nuptials incase you might have missed some along the journey.


To anyone who is saying ‘Who are 2People1Life?’ then you’re in for a destination wedding treat! And who better to explain what this around the world in real weddings adventure is all about than the happy couple themselves…




“A couple in love, searching for the perfect place to get married. How? By having a wedding ceremony in each country we visit…”


“We are on an adventure of a lifetime. For three years we’re going to drive and ship around the globe in our 25 year old camper van ‘Peggy’ exchanging vows in the most unusual and unique wedding locations we can find. We are looking to embrace the culture and local traditions of each place we visit. We want to experience the difference in each ceremony and find out what it is that makes the bringing of two people together such a worldwide tradition, and of course let the world know!”


“At the end of the trip we will pick our favorite place and go back to officially tie the knot and this is the best bit! If you want to help us to support UNICEF through our UNICEF – Zankyou Wedding Registry you and a friend are in for the chance to be flown out all expenses paid to our final mystery destination wedding!”


Alex and Lisa have said ‘I do’ at 61 wedding destinations now! Wowsers, hey? That’s a lot of champagne drinking! Here’s a snapshot of their first 33 worldwide weddings…

You Mean The World To Me

2.Quebec vinyard wedding  -HR unavaiable - credit 2people1life

Wedding 2 – Quebec, Canada

3.Wedding Michigan - HR unavaiable - credit 2people1life

Wedding 3 – Michigan, USA

4.Banff Canada - HR unavaiable - credit 2people1life

Wedding 4 – Banff, Canada

5.Vancouver Island - First Nations wedding -HR unavaiable - credit 2people1life

Wedding 5 – Vancouver Island, Canada

6.YVR VAncouver airport wedding - HR unavaiable - credit 2people1life

Wedding 6 – YVR Airport, Vancouver, Canada

7. Hawaii - Dolphin Quest, Hilton Waikaloa Village, Hawaii.

Wedding 7 – Hilton Waikaloa Village, Hawaii

7. Hawaii - Julia Bach - Juliabachphotography.com

Wedding 7 – Hilton Waikaloa Village, Hawaii

Image: Julia Bach Photography

8. Seattle - Jonas Seaman - jonas-seaman.com (1)

Wedding 8 – Seattle, USA

Image: Jonas Seaman

9. LA - Brothers Wright - twinlenslife.com (1)

Wedding 9 – Los Angeles, USA

Image: Brothers Wright

About Lisa:


“Hi I’m Lisa and I’m the other half of 2people1life! I am 30 and completely crazy about Alex (the better half) and our amazing life!”


“I love all the best things in life…to me these things are family, friends, food, wine, crafts and anything sparkly! This is our first time blogging and just hope that you will enjoy being a part of our wild adventure!”


A little bit more…about me! It really sounds silly but the above isn’t REALLY me at all. When we started this adventure I don’t think I really knew ‘about me’! It has taken me 624 days of driving 65,000km around 25 countries to realise a little bit more about the person I am.”


“Although I DO like sparkly things, I can (and DO) live without them happily, my love of cooking, eating and drinking wine remains, as does my intense love for my family but that’s not really anything to do with WHO I am.”


“I have learned that I am chatty…I can (and DO) talk to anyone. I am brave…I will do pretty much anything anyone asks me to do. I am daring…we wild camp most nights, I jumped off a moving boat…I even CHOSE to go shark cage diving!! I am caring, friendly, vivacious and (apparently) funny.”


“I swear a LOT but not EVER aggressively. I am (accidentally) offensive with my dry humour and I am VERY afraid to disappoint anyone…ever.
I am rarely (in my opinion) wrong and struggle to say sorry and I am deeply in love with my husband to be! Most importantly, I am finally me!”


10. Las Vegas - Megan Finley - funkindeepfreeze (1)

Wedding 10 – Las Vegas, USA

11. Mexico - Dean Sanderson -deansandersonweddings.com

Wedding 11 – Mexico, North America

Image: Dean Sanderson

11. Mexico TTD - Dean Sanderson TTD - deansandersonweddings.com

Wedding 11 – Mexico, North America

Image: Dean Sanderson

12. Belize TTD - conchcreative.com

Wedding 12 – Belize, Central America

Image: Conchcreative

12.Belize wedding - Conch Creative

Wedding 12 – Belize, Central America

Image: Conchcreative

13. Honduras wedding, Utila -  HR unavaiable - credit 2people1life

Wedding 13 – Honduras, Central America

14. Guatemala - Jose Pablo Martinez - jpmfoto.com (1)

Wedding 14 – Guatemala, Central America

Image: Jose Pablo Martinez

15.El Salvador wedding - HR unavaiable - credit 2people1life

Wedding 15 – El Salvador, Central America

16.Nicaragua - HR unavaiable - credit 2people1life

Wedding 16 – Nicaragua, Central America

18.Dancing embera wedding - .HR unavaiable - credit 2people1life

Wedding 18 – Dancing Embera Wedding, Central America


About Alex:


“I will never forget the day I met and fell in love with Lisa…”


“She was stood against a green radiator, with waist length light blond hair (natural not peroxide!) in a mustard yellow top, washed out denim blue flairs and red pumps on her feet… It was like being on acid checking out a really sexy Tinkerbell. She took my breath away. I knew at that point that she was perfect. It took me almost 10 years to get her but she was worth the wait.”


“So as this is supposed to be about me… For the last 10 years I have been involved in the motor industy and owned a car body repair shop. Its been fun, had its ups and downs but I knew it was not what I really wanted to do with my life.”


“I love everything a bit wild. I like to think I’m a bit creative and hate the mundane. I have a reputation for been a bit compulsive and spontaneous at the same time. A good bottle of wine led me into doing a someliers course. A lack of unique wedding locations has lead me to this. I really hope that you can share in this wedding adventure and be part of it.”


19 - Colombia - Cristina Restrepo -crestrepoan.tumblr.com

Wedding 19 – Colombia, Central America

Image: Cristina Restrepo

19 - Colombia -Juan Felipe Rubio - efeunodos.com (1)

Wedding 19 – Colombia, Central America

Image: Juan Felipe Rubio

20. Ecuador - Pablo Hidalgo -  pablohidalgo.ec (1)

Wedding 20 – Ecuador, Central America

Image: Pablo Hidalgo

Playa Tanaka Arequipa  Peru

Wedding 21 – Peru, Central America

Image: Zonanueve

21. Peru- Luis Chiang Chang Way. www.zonanueve,com

Wedding 21 – Peru, Central America

Image: Zonanueve

Wedding Photographer Manhatan New York Fotografo de Matrimonios Santiago vina del mar

Wedding 22 – Chile, Central America

Image: Gardner Hamilton 

www.emilianorodriguez.com.ar/blog | www.juanpablomansilla.com.ar/blog

Wedding 23 – Argentina, Central America

Image: Emiliano Rodriguez

24. Brazil - Vinicius Matos - viniciusmatos.com

Wedding 24 – Brazil, Central America

Image: Vinicius Matos


Wedding 25 – Colorado, Central America

Image: Catherine Rhodes

26. New York - Donna Newman for Martha Stewart weddings

Wedding 26 – New York City, USA

Image: Donna Newman for Martha Stewart


How this adventure began:

“Back in the year 2000 I met a boy. I didn’t know it at the time but that moment changed my life. I know it sounds like a cliche and absolutely like cheese on toast but its completely true!”


“We were friends for years, eventually lovers and then went our seperate ways for a while…well…for 5 years! After both of us going through some wild relationships we caught up again for a drink and instantly knew we should have never let each other go. Within a few months we were planning the trip we’d both been dreaming about since that day back in 2000!”


“We put Alex’s business up for sale, put the house up for sale and worked all hours to save the pennies to make our dreams come true! So finally…3 years down the line…business sold, house sold, jobs quit and our joint 60 years of life packed into boxes, sold and donated…the journey begins!”


27. Texas - MorganLynn and Amir Razi - Morganlynnphotography.com

Wedding 27 – Texas, USA

Image: Morgan Lynn and Amir Razi

28. New Orleans - imaginephotoaz.com

Wedding 28 – New Orleans, USA

Image: Imagine Photography

29-33. South Carolina - August T Michel - www.augusttmichelphotography.com

Wedding 29 – South Carolina, USA

Image: August T Michael

29. MB Plantation - www.augustmichelphotography.com

Wedding 29 – Plantation, Myrtle Beach, USA

Image: August T Michael

30. MB Candyland - www.augustmichelphotography.com

Wedding 30 – Candyland, Myrtle Beach, USA

Image: August T Michael

31. MB Bond - www.augustmichelphotography.com

Wedding 31 – Bond, Myrtle Beach, USA

Image: August T Michael

32. MB Yacht - www.augustmichelphotography.com

Wedding 32 – Yacht, Myrtle Beach, USA

Image: August T Michael

33.MB Flashmob - www.augustmichelphotography.com

Wedding 33 – Flash Mob, Myrtle Beach, USA

Image: August T Michael, All Images: via 2People1Life

You Mean The World To Me

What an adventure! What a great idea! Are you literally shouting ‘Why didn’t I think of it’ too?

Be sure to take a look at part two to see where this wanderlust couple tied the knot for wedding number 34 – 61.

You Mean The World To Me