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31/12/2014 |

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One of the most difficult decisions for destination brides and grooms can be where in the world to get married. With so many wonderful wedding locations across the globe, choosing just one (and the right one!) is sometimes a challenge.


Lisa and Alex (also known as 2People1Life) took the life changing decision to wed their way around the world in order to sample international weddings in a quest to find their favourite spot to tie the knot. It all started in Didsbury in the UK (shown in the photograph above) where they said “I Do” for the first time. As they made their way from one country to the next they have shared their incredible journey through their blog and I have had the pleasure of featuring some of their wanderlust weddings along the way too.


At the end of last year Lisa and Alex shared a roundup of all of their nuptials to date…all 61 of them! If you missed the feature, take a look at part one and part two to get an overview of their adventure. From Hawaii to South Africa, from Tahiti to Ireland, each country they encounter brings a new wedding and a fantastic cultural experience.


So to see the year out, Lisa and Alex are kindly back again with not only the weddings that they have enjoyed throughout 2014 but also with a little recap of the highs and lows that 2014 brought to them and what got them through the challenging times. Over to Lisa and Alex…..


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Wedding 62 – Corfu, Greece

Images: Photo Pek



“2014 started being difficult from the offset. We were trying to continue our drive across the Globe which took us into the Middle East, meaning for the first time in three years, having to deal with acquiring visas, and believe me when I say, the visa’s we needed are not easy to get.”



Lisa & Alex 2013 (383 van 461)

Wedding 63 – Dalyan, Turkey

Image: Rico Troost Photography


“Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and India were on our route and what with the turbulent situations in a couple of these countries and restrictions on driving alone through them, it became an immediate uphill battle. We pulled off amazing weddings in Turkey, Iraq and Georgia while we fought the visa battle and finally, already way into the year, were allowed to enter beautiful Iran and travel on to Pakistan.”




Wedding 64 – Kurdistan, Iraq

Images: Afooki Photography


“That, sadly, is where our adventure came to an abrupt stop when, under armed guard across the desert of Baluchistan, our 27 year old campervan, home, and travel companion broke an axle. We were homeless, stranded in the hunting ground of the Afgan Taliban and our visas were expiring quickly. A long story short, we had to leave our beloved campervan in Quetta, and after an ordeal of gaining permission to leave Pakistan, we flew home to England to make the tough decision of what we would do next….but not before having a beautiful wedding ceremony in Karachi, Pakistan.”



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Wedding 65 – Batumi, Georgia

Images: Go Batumi


“We look back at that wedding video and feel so incredibly blessed. Regardless of the drama the year had thrown at us, regardless of how utterly heartbroken we were, we were invited to hold a traditional Pakistani wedding and everything vanished into oblivion. The colours, the music, the love and attention that was put into creating that special day for us made us realise why we are on this journey. A journey of love, discovery and friendship. With or without a home, we have each other, we have people who want to help us share the love and to show the world how unity and love can make everything ok. It can make everything worthwhile.”




Wedding 66 – Karachi, Pakistan

Image: O’Shoot Photography / IPlan Events


“The traumas that our friends in Iraq and Pakistan are suffering right now make us realise how ridiculous our troubles are. How lucky we are and how hard we need to suck it up and get back on the horse, so to speak. Which is what we are going to do. As our friends Michael and Andrea of Bohemian Weddings said ‘…look out World, two crazies in a van are coming for you again to discover your people, your culture and to make weddings with you’.


“2015 is going to be a good one!”



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